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Newfound Shores; Sneak peek part 3


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
More news on the "Newfound Shores" update!

We've been extensively looking on how to fundamentally improve the game. The answer from the community seems to be clear: More content, more depth, more ways to build on your religion! In "Newfound Shores", our focus is on depth and content, while laying a foundation for more religious interaction.

A new Commandment!

In "Newfound Shores" you'll be able to finally play one of the new two promised Commandments! Generosity will have its own unique Development tree and class. They focus on the generous bounty of Nature and the Divine arts. Disciples can share their progress with the community, or inspire future generations as patron saints!

Conversion Power
The truth spreads fast.

One of the ways we're trying to introduce more depth, is giving more rewards and options to the gods that convert efficiently. The more Crystal Skulls you have when completing a mission, the more tribute you can chose from. If you finish particularly hard missions with many Crystal Skull, you can get unique relics and upgrades for your religion!
But is it worth the risk?

The update is taking a little longer than anticipated, partly due to that Abbey Games is moving to another office, and partly because we want to up the quality of the UI flow as well. We're aiming to deliver one of our biggest updates up to date! A beta will follow soon, so stay tuned!
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