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Of RNG, Time and Faith.


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Given the current state and emphasis of the game I find some of the RNG elements and their relation to the flow of time in the city view highly detrimental. In more detail:

1)OK. So we have RNG decide whether the disciple will just do something or do something "effectively" (dark green face, don't recall the correct ingame notion of this). If we go to the miracle cite, we then have RNG decide whether the miracle will be wondrous or not. Why do we have two sources of RNG? Is it really necessary? Maybe just get rid of onsite RNG? Make it be consistenty dependant only on faith roll results? RNG resulting in RNG just feels too much.

2) For anything except miracles, doing something "effectively" just means we do it faster. Time is of no essence, so doing something faster is actually not a boon - it's useless. Actually it's even more useless if you inspire several guys to do the same thing like gathering resources. There will definitely be the ones that won't get that "dark green face" and you'll have to wait until the slower ones finish their job. So where's the boon? Inspire tokens discount is also a minor thing, and you have to be able to pay full price to even TRY sending disciple to perform a particular ritual.

Proposed solution: Don't make the disciples do it faster. Instead go the miracle route - let them do it more effectively. Like 50% bonus on whatever they do. Gain not 3, but 5 offerings, gain not 2, but 3 skillpoints and so on. 50% is just an example - may need to balance it for every site. Aaaaand, let them do it 50% worse when they are not faithful enough.

3) Even more dramatic note. As @Blackvision noted numerous times, current city view system encourages save/load loop to get better results - and I use it every damned time when I feel I have enough chances to get a wondrous miracle. That is not good. What if we have no rolls? What if the outcome of inspiration was just directly bound to the disciples faith level, while adding more level thresholds for more variety? I know, it may feel too linear, but since we have almost none "indirect control" in the city view, maybe just get rid of this RNGfesta? I do also have no idea how to make a disciple decline the inspiration using this system, but something needs to be done against this save/load loop problem.

Thanks for your attention ;)

Any thoughts?
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99% agree with all of that (excluding getting 3 skillpoints. I agree skillpoints need to be slightly more available, but allowing RNG to decide that would make for really frustrating gameplay and reloading)

I'd add that the Skillpoint training taking slightly longer than everything else is extremely annoying :p