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Only having 3 Inspirations


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I'm kinda in two minds about this.

A) I find the limitation keeps the game moving - you don't have to go through all your disciples when playing and it doesn't get annoying (especially with the jobs carrying over when repeatable) assigning people.

B) It's really limiting. If it was just the jobs and not miracles too, I'd say fair enough, but effectively locking out gathering stuff or levelling up is a problem with the need to have a quick turn-around on the sacraments: partly bad for the follower requirement and resources (you're never even going to come close to that already pointless resource-maximum on all resources), and partly cause of the change to the world map with having no repeatable nodes. (Again, I'm not against this, but having both as a limitation is crippling.)

Having no repeatable nodes and the follower requirements means that every few turns you have to go on a sacrament, and thanks to disciple faith, you also have to win at a minimum every other one, and the more you lose, the less you'll win (spirit loss, faith loss, etc all in play here) - which means you very rapidly run out of winnable nodes, have no time to train followers (Yes, I'm aware of the +1 XP building. It's only got room for 1 person, and while it alleviates the problem slightly, you're still going to have to train up extremely fast to get them fighting-fit).

The Communion Grounds and Faith boosting buildings also come late, but even when they are there, there's no way you can push 3 disciples through Healing, removing debuffs and buffing up faith in time for every sacrament and still get XP and resources you need to survive the later ones.

Overall, a decision needs to be made towards either
A) i) having 3 inspirations only and letting you build up slowly without either of a follower sacrament requirement or disciple faith requirement for sacraments OR keeping repeatable nodes at the expense of making the sacrament requirements a bit pointless
ii) Letting you do actions like miracles or Healing/Restoring/etc separately from jobs, so while your resource control is limited, sorting out your disciples isn't.
B) no limitation on disciple placements each day and make the pressure apply from sacrament requirements (be it faith or followers. I'm still not keen on having both, I note: I feel faith should be tweaked by sacraments, not defined by them, and could still receive a not-so-good bonus for doing them even if you lose!)

A) would give a lot more impact to decisions in the village: you've got to pick and choose what order to do things, but it takes the pressure off having to win sacraments and could potentially lead to a dull numbers game where you just max out everything first then go do easy sacraments (unless you go with ii), in which case, I think it'd work a treat), while B) keeps pressure on constantly but runs the risk of being grindy and suffering from any difficulty bumps, while risking making the game impossible if you approach it incorrectly.
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We're currently testing out gaining more slots (both in the global assignment limit as well on buildings themselves) as you progress in the game, to hopefully straddle that line a little better :) We're releasing a last beta tomorrow morning where you should be able to see that ;)
I also had some thoughts on this problem, but they might not fit into the main game.

I was always bothered that it seemed like I had some disciples just sitting around doing nothing at all. As a god, I should probably be an important part of their life, but maybe I'm not the only part. My disciples are people, and they should have a bit of a mind of their own, so maybe if I'm not commanding them they might do something automatically that they think is important. I keep looking for some personality in my followers and this seemed like an opportunity to inject some.

I remember some of the early-previews suggesting that followers might get into fights or liasons, and the un-directed followers would be a good place to add that personality. Are they faithful to my tennants and working for my success, or are they falling into bad habits. As a player, do I focus on directing the faithful, or on saving the lost.