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Out now! The "Old One Rising" Update


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Old One Rising update unlocked and playable!

Update the game through Steam or GOG Galaxy to find the newest build (14.1)
Join us in the launch stream! That's September 4, 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT on Twitch, Steam or YouTube.

Finally, the ancient gods have graced us with their maddening presence. The Old One has Risen! This Update #2 introduces the new Madness commandment including all the content described below. Our main goal here is to add more content to the game so you can create different kinds of religions, and experiment with a broader strategical toolset, especially in the Dark elemental corner. This is a free content update as part of Godhood's regular Early Access updates. We hardly changed any gameplay systems this update, so if you're waiting for that, please sit tight for our next update.

Update the game now on GOG or Steam to start playing with the Temple of Madness, the Cultist Class and The Corrupting Grounds. Even if you don't feel like picking Madness as your commandment, you'll still find the new Harbinger class, two new Dark relics and a range of new customization options available for whichever commandment you pick!

If you want to know what we're working on next, please check our newly revealed roadmap. We'll update the roadmap every month based on insights on the game's development, as well as your feedback. So let us know what you think of 'Old One Rising' and our plans for the future.

  • New Class: The Harbinger


    Send the threatening Harbinger to channel the void and instill fear into your opponents.
    The Harbinger is a 🌙 Dark Disciple primarly focused on 💬 Charisma & ❤ Health. Their main focus is to lower Morale Armor, both on single targets and on the entire enemy team with their Heavy Aura. Use the Harbinger to improve your ⬆ Morale Damage, while tanking 💥Physical Damage with increased HP and 🛡Physical Armor.
  • New Customizations, Dedications and Outfits


    You can't spread fear and madness without a good dose of presentation. So for eldritch gods to be, we've added a number of God Avatar Customizations, as well as new Dedication Statues. To finish it off, all villagers in Madness religions will wear a hood as part of their newfound cultist status. This is all part of our ongoing effort to help you express your religious identity in your holy city.


    In total you will find:
    • 11 new dedication statues,
    • 5 avatar arm options,
    • 5 avatar head options,
    • 7 head accessories,
    • and 4 new body options
We're curious what new horrific and beautiful gods you will design!

  • New Building: The Temple of Madness


    Empower your disciples through deliriums while keeping an eye on your cultists with the new Temple of Madness!
    Disciples that perform miracles here gain a Mad Connection, strongly increasing 💬 Charisma as well as🧠 Knowledge and ♥ Health. Mad Connection is also the only miracle that grants bonus Crit Chance to all⬆ Morale Abilities.

  • New Building: The Corrupting Grounds


    Power has its price, and you can now conveniently pay it at a Corrupting Grounds near you!
    The Corrupting Grounds grants assigned disciples Dim Corruption for a single mission, giving +8 on all stats 💬🧠🙌🗡⚡❤. However this comes at the cost of a portion of their 💀 Lifespan. A surge of power, for a permanent price..

  • New Class: The Cultist


    The nefarious Cultist offers new possibilities & combos to your roster of Disciples!
    A🌙 Dark Disciple primarily focused on 🧠 Knowledge & 💬 Charisma, the Cultist can Unchain allies; driving them mad and granting +25 💥 Physical Damage. However, this also clouds their allies' Minds with 🌙 Unchained Madness!


    Their Words of Madness Ability deals a good amount of ⬆ Morale Damage, while Corrupt Vision lowers enemies'⚡ Cunning.
    Then, use Abberant Growth to deal 🌿 Nature 💥 Physical Damage, taking advantage of their 🧠 Knowledge of the occult!

If you want to see all the new Madness content in action, join the launch stream on September 4 7PM CEST / 11AM PDT!
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
We've revealed the Cultist! See above for details! 🐙
Check back September 2nd and 3rd for more info for the September 4 release!


Abbey Games Developer
Unchained Madness helps stimulate the dark side of your team... Two more days until you can experience it first hand :)


Abbey Games Developer
All content for the 'Old One Rising' update is now revealed! We're set to release it tomorrow at 13:00 CEST / 04:00 PDT.

In the meanwhile, let us know what you think :)


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Does this update will include a fix for the models not loading in macosx ?
The game is unplayable for me at the moment and I would love to get my hand on it.



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Hello Ernst,

Thanks for your response, I'll wait for the fix; I loved every single game of yours and if I ask for a refund I know I'll buy it again once the fix is out so there is no need; I'll continue to check for the release notes for a fix.
Good luck for this bug, it seems like a tough one