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Patch 1 [Monday 15th of July 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.12.16)


Abbey Games Developer
Lots of crash fixes in this first patch after release! We're hard at work on making a few very exciting gameplay changes to address some of your feedback, but in the meantime, here's some issues you shouldn't be encountering anymore :)

- Fixed crash when using hotkey to go to next day
- Fixed crash that could happen when gaining an upgraded ability for a high level Disciple
- Fixed save games not showing up when certain characters were present in a username
- Fixed crash on startup with certain graphics cards on MacOS
- Fixed crash related to a specific event string in Chinese
- Fixed crash that could happen when Disciples grow old
- Fixed exploit where assignment conditions weren't checked when assigning through the ritual quick selection
- Fixed a crash in the animation system
- Fixed a crash that could happen with villager animations when flirting
- Fixed crash when displaying wrongly formatted Russian text
- Fixed crash that could occur when a button was pressed twice within one frame
- Fixed Cleanse in Sun Totem having wrong Element
- Fixed crash that could happen when two villagers are flirting
- Some animation fixes
- Lots of translation fixes

- Stun now lasts for two turns
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- Stun now lasts for two turns
Just to be sure, stun now lasts the turn it is inflicted plus the (affected disciples own) turn after that.
So, basicly, one turn gets skipped. That might well be exactly as intended tho. ;)