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Patch 2.2 [Thursday 8th of August 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.13.18)


Abbey Games Developer
- Fixed crash when reaching maximum god level in certain situations
- Fixed one enemy having wrong abilities for their class
- Fixed crash that could happen when pressure turned negative
- Fixed crash when loading old save game when number of slots in ritual was reduced
- Fixed crash when loading an old save game for disciples with certain ability talents
- Fixed Void-filling Music triggering thrice instead of once in the first turn.
- Removed a parasite that was sometimes showing in disciple animations.

- Slightly reduced XP required for Disciple miracle charge 3, 4 and 5.
- Medicine breakthrough! Disciples live 7 years longer on average.
- Training XP Ritual no longer costs Ritual Offerings
- Broken Debuff is less potent: now lowers all stats by 5% instead of 10%.
- All lowered Faith debuffs from losing a Sacrament now take less time to clear up.
- Doubting Faith debuff gained from Impatient stories is less potent: lowers Faith by 10 instead of 20.


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Love that you called it a Parasite too :D

Otherwise, all sounds awesome!

*prepares to abuse using training ritual to farm and sell off weak disciples*
Slavery religion, tally-ho!

Also, awesome for the faith loss reductions, great stuff!