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Patch 2 (Will of the People) [Wednesday 7th of August 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.13.15)


Abbey Games Developer
A big focus of the Will of the People update was adding more different and interesting things to do in your village, as well as giving your people a clear voice. Besides that, we made a ton of small quality of life changes, balance fixes and other stuff that makes the game that bit nicer to play, including a lot of suggestions from the community. Thanks so much for all the feedback over the last month!

Patch 2 (Will of the People) [Wednesday 7th of August 2019, 13:00] (Build 0.13.15)

- Your people now exert pressure on you to perform sacraments
- Introduced Tribute: You only gain the resources gathered in your village once you do a sacrament
- Faith has gotten a rework: it's a lot more clear when you get it and lose it
- Disciples can now do prayers: small requests that will give the disciple a boost if you complete them
- Added lots of buildings that allow you to prepare for and repair from sacraments
- Added commandment specific buildings: Bathhouse, Bordello, Colloseum and Tribunal
- Buildings now cost Materials, and you can place them whenever you want
- Removed repeatable node: in desperate times, you can get XP through a ritual in the village
- Disciple HP is now persistent across sacraments
- Difficulty options that scale the stats and HP of enemies
- [Community Suggestion!] Your assignment limit of three in the village can now grow as you gain god levels
- More customization options for your god
- [Community Suggestion!] Auto-assignment for resource-gathering rituals
- [Community Suggestion!] Added a quest for the final node after beating the Elders
- Streamlined winning and losing the game
- New mission end screen
- [Community Suggestion!] Added visual indicator to stats that are important for that disciple's class
- You no longer win by reaching the maximum God Level
- Classes are locked to specific commandments

- Fixed getting stuck in Summon Initiates in certain situations
- Level progression no longer overrides Sky Shard ability choices
- Removed narcoleptic disciple that sometimes popped up
- Fixed temporary passives gained in certain Rituals not being removed
- Fixed opponent HP trigger abilities happening according to your HP
- Evade/defy no longer trigger On Hit abilities

- [Community Suggestion!] Final island is less Nature focused
- [Community Suggestion!] Removed the Attraction mechanic from Lust
- General balance fixes to world map to become gradually harder
- Rebalanced world map reward structure to work with Tribute
- [Community Suggestion!] Nerfed and streamlined Beastwalker 'Swift Hunt' Passive
- Commandment buffs changed:
> War : All Physical Attacks 50% chance to deal +10% dmg.
> Peace : All Morale Attacks 50% chance to deal +10% dmg.
> Chastity : +25% AP if Life or Divine disciple on team.
> Lust : All Morale Attacks 10% chance to inflict 'Infatuated' debuff