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Below you'll find all patch notes in reverse chronological order: higher is more recent. We'll keep you up to date of any future patch notes here. (Times are CET / GMT+2)

(MTE denominates More To Explore-only content)

Patch #28.5 [December 21st, 10:30] (Build #522)

- Fixed missing treasure in Holy Lands
- Fixed exploit that could grant infinite tokens on expeditions

Patch #28.4 [December 18th, 9:30] (Build #520)

- Fixed crash upon entering Holy Land for people missing The Emperor's Challenge
- Fixed missing event pictures

Patch #28.3 [December 17th, 14:15] (Build #519)

- Fixed Holy Grail sometimes not being awarded
- Fixed enemies attacking each other in Holy Lands
- Fixed some typos and missing strings

- Slightly eased up Holy Lands by lowering supply cost and lowering Cat speech attack

Patch #28.2 [December 14th, 16:30] (Build #518)

- Fixed a crash while loading some specific save games
- Fixed some typos
- Fixed missing event background

Patch #28.1 [December 13th, 21:30] (Build #517)

- Fixed new expedition not showing up for Steam users

Patch #28 [December 13th, 19:00] (Build #516)

- New expedition! Explore the Middle-East in the new 5-star Holy Lands expedition!
- Added main menu theme selection to the settings
- Added setting to disable campfire reminders

- Harry's captain perk brought down a bit to 75% more gold from Treasure Hunt
- Harry's Cone upgrade now has a lower range.
- Phailin's captain perk brought down to 3%
- Changed the Voodoo Treasure Pool A to focus more on Study & Discovery
- Lucky Gold down to 20% extra gold.
- JP's card gets Astonishing besides Storytelling
- Star of Africa gives another bonus
- Nerfed paramawhatsherface a little
- Necromancer's temple is a bit easier
- Incan Spirit Scepter now doesn't give collect for Cultural bonus anymore, but all other bonuses are increased by 1 (3 Encounter, 4 Study, 4 Campaign) and insight increased by 1.
- All villages in Mali give some supplies
- Pedrinho's FUNraiser slightly better

- St. Irene skull giving wrong choices

Patch #27.4 [November 12th, 12:00] (Build #512)

- Fixed issue with game not being able to find d3dcompiler_47.dll

Patch #27.3 [September 14th, 11:00] (Build #508)

- Fixed issues on 32-bit machines

Patch #27.2 [September 6th, 12:00] (Build #503)

- Fixed crashes in MacOS version

Patch #27.1 [September 5th, 20:00] (Build #501)

- Fixed crash in item shop

Patch #27 [September 5th, 12:30] (Build #499)

- Made Renowned Explorers fully GDPR (new EU privacy regulations) compliant
- Updated some runtime libraries for future proofing
- Slightly improved overall performance

- Fixed Kwame/Executioner's Axe exploit

Patch #26.1 [May 18th, 11:00] (Build #489)
- Fixed ice cream truck event
- Fixed abbess event

Patch #26 [May 16th, 12:00] (Build #488)

- Pumpkin King gives 2 campaign per Quick Thinker instead of 3.
- Crown of Thorns no longer gives Renown
- Charles gets Hunting instead of Cooking
- Power of Secrets gives 15-20 Status/Gold instead of 20-25
- Improved Vikings Landing Gold and Research output a bit

- Fixed crash on first launch if there is no internet connection
- Fixed something that refrained Pedrinho's event to fire in Egypt.
- Fixed Crown of Thorns hunger issues.

Patch #25.3 [November 30th, 12:29] (Build #479)

- Challenge #100 celebration!
- Did not add a secret BitCoin miner

- Fixed save corruption when deleting some profiles

Patch #25.2 [October 12th, 13:45] (Build #466):

- Small event fixes

Patch #25.1 [October 11th, 15:30] (Build #463):

- Fixed treasure achievements levels
- Small event fixes

Patch #25 [October 10th, 17:15] (Build #462)

- A few new events have been added for your entertainment!
- A new treasure has been added for your entertainment!
- You can now see your Renown milestones after each expedition in the leaderboards

- Hunger penalties are more consistent now. Probably going to hurt a lot more and less ALT +F4 prone.
- You now start with 8 supplies. HURRAY!
- Changed Yu's perk to +2 Encounter if Yu succeeds on the adventure wheel. +4 research from Encounter tokens.
- Egypt and Andes a bit cheaper to travel
- The Treasure Hunt/Secret/Discovery per Encounter Entourage has been lowered to only give those tokens per boss encounter. Price down to 500 Campaign.
- Ivan gets +3 supplies after the second and third expedition
- Hojo's card only fires on rank A treasures
- Harry and Min-Jeong's card now only give +1 Status for Study/Collect per roll
- Boost from Secret Report lowered to 25%
- Switched the side effects of the llama tradepost and the forsaken village in the Inca expedition
- Corsair Coin now gives surprise and an aura that negates the Escalated Speech Defense penalty. Price up to 450.
- Muscat is now a 2 level store. Haggler's Pot is now always unlocked, while the Turban is now after the upgrade with the Corsair Coin and Telescope
- All higher level Moscow trinkets are 50g more expensive (from level 4 and on).
- Fire Piston gives Survivalist - Camping
- Sheriff badge now also gives military history
- Movement bonus from binoculars moved to boomerang
- Hammer and Binoculars moved a step down in Sidney
- Barometer moved a step down in Sidney
- King of thieves triggeres on 30/45/60 speech
- Grand Minister gives Generous instead of Negotiations
- Spyglass also gains Survivalist - Spotting instead of bluffing.

- Fixed achievements sometimes not triggering when skipping Emperor's Challenge Trophy Room animation
- Fixed hang upon returning to Overworld after saving/loading on an expedition after all shops had been unlocked
- Fixed Helper challenges not triggering when using Min-Jeong as captain
- Duplicating Irene's Skull fixed
- Voodoo Queen now only spawns once
- Fixed Java Man skull cave. For real this time!
- Fixed trinket swap exploit
- Fixed crash when deleting local leaderboard entry
- Lots of other small event fixes

Hotfix #24.4 [August 21th, 09:47] (Build #459)
- Fixed small bug in achievements, also added more debug info for future achievement bugs

Hotfix #24.3 [June 1st, 11:15] (Build #457)
- Min-Jeong captain's perk lowered to 3-5 Status/Gold
- Halved all Secret/Discovery/TreasureHunt multipliers
- Output from Irene's Skull lowered to 1 per 3 levels.
- removed 40 renown from secrets from Final Anagogic treasure
- Insight doubling entourage costs 1000 Status
- Government Secrets now only works on journalists
- Price of new entourage for insight increased.

- Fixed the legendary armor - archeology trinket

Hotfix #24.2 [May 23th, 13:20] (Build #456)
- Fixed crash in Entourage shop
- Fixed Emperor Pleaser, Emperor's New Favourite Groove and some expedition achievements

Hotfix #24.1 [May 19th, 12:15] (Build #455)
- Kiwi gets Occult instead of Architecture

- Fixed save game compatibility for secret shop
- Fixed item ship crash
- Fixed crash when using the entourage specialist Minet
- Miles and Shadowmaster54 entourage now work as intended
- Removed an undisplayed Friendly Attitude condition for Emilia's level 5 Tranquility upgrade.
- Small text and event fixes

Patch #24 [May 18th, 13:37] (Build #451)

- New events in the Hungarian Fort and Mali! New treasure as well!
- A brand new shop is open through the engineering research! New orleans does not unlock through hyper speed though.
- A brand new entourage hall has opened in Madrid! A few old entourage members return... Some have become a bit more expensive though...
- Fancied up loading screen!

- Nerfed Phailin's bonus to 5%
- Nerfed Min-Jeong a bit
- Hungarian Mix now applies to ALL crew members
- Songhai Sword gives 2 insight - Secretum gives 2 - Ace gives 1
- Legendary boots give 30 Armor and speech Defense instead of 40
- Changed achievements
- "10 challenges in one expedition/overworld session" is now "20 porcelain points in one expedition/overworld session"
- "Receive 5/10/25 unique trophies" is now "beat Rivaleux in 5/10/25 unique emperor challenges"
- Achievements related to winning a game will also be achievable when winning an EC game (with exception of achievements specifically for renown mode / getting to the coronation).
- JP's merchant story now gives +3 Teach in Cape town

- Fixed a bug with JP's insight
- Fixed resolve counter not resetting properly after retrying arena in Discovery Mode
- Fixed Perk UI not updating when equiping items
- Fixed crash on Archipellago when More To Explore wasn't present
- Fixed issue that could cause expediton flow to get messed up
- Fixed crash when removing leaderboard entry
- Many event and typo fixes

Hotfix #23.2 [May 17th, 10:58] (Build #450)
- Fixed Marathon Mode ending too early
- Fixed "Emperor's New Favourite Groove" and "Emperor Pleaser" achievements
- Fixed broken main menu background on older GPUs
- Lots of small text and event fixes

Hotfix #23.1 [May 12th, 21:30] (Build #449)
- Fixed crash in crew selection when switching between daily/weekly challenge
- Fixed crash when targeting outside Arena with Pedrinho's Party Time
- Fixed that Pedrinho could teleport to nodes outside of the arena using Party Time.
- Fixed that certain hotkeys for Island UI's could be pressed in arena and crash the game.
- Fixed situation where Title Inspection UI button could be visible in Renown mode.
- Fixed crash with Rivaleux' special trophies on Impossible
- Fixed profile switching crash.
- Fixed text issues

Patch #23 [May 10th, 19:00] (Build #445)

- Tons of content added to Transylvania and some to the Hungarian Fort. Go find it!
- You can now see what items/entourages the item and entourage shop contain before upgrading them
- Added Light Sensitive Mode, which disables some flashing animations. This replaces the option that turned off flashing warnings for resolve and research.

- Jan-Piet's captain perk changed to 5-10 Gold from Campaign and +4 Campaign tokens while using insight.
- Agatha's captain perk changed to +2 Study from using insight
- Cooking Pot now gives Tough instead of Stamina
- Captain Roche is now weak to Enraged, but has a bit more Spirit
- Transylvania wolves are easier to bully
- Hildegards card now creates a strong dislike with... you know who

- Fixed double treasure exploit during end of expedition
- So. Many. Bugfixes.

Hotfix #22.1 [February 20th, 17:00] (Build #416)

- Fixed serialization issue with Insight Limit
- Insight limit is now properly backwards compatible
- Fixed minor treasure pool problem.
- Fixed crash in Egypt

Patch #22 [February 2nd, 19:00] (Build #413)

- Added Insight Limit. This is not exactly a cap, as you can always gain more insight. However before you leave an expedition you need to spend Insight so that it drops below your current limit. The limit starts at 3 and increases by 2 per expedition.

- Improved the gains of Special tokens from treasures a bit in late game.
- Viking's secret room doesn't give C ranked treasures anymore.

- Fixed Treasure option for the Crab treasure.
- Fixed a missing string.
- Fixed campfire card: Tactical Insight!

Patch #21 [November 30th, 13:00] (Build #405)
- Added 4 items: Cork Hat, Boomerang, Biscuit Box and History Book!
- Added a 2 new small events in Transylvania
- Agatha's crew story now has an alternative, more dramatic ending

- Will-o-the-Wisp now gives study for every 2 levels.
- Rio's common token entourage weaker and a lot more expensive
- Rio's encounter token entourage a bit more expensive
- Stockholm Perk entourage a bit cheaper
- All stat boosts from treasures doubled
- Token boosting treasure options of treasures in the first 2 expeditions have been decreased by roughly 50%.

- Fixed UI lockup after using Mali tunnel or Llama Express.
- Fixed crash for GOG users when receiving achievements
- Added some missing animations
- Lots of small event fixes

Hotfix #20.1 [October 26th, 10:00] (Build #401)
- Fixed crash in certain scenarios when the DLC was not installed
- Fixed some achievements not triggering properly (edited)

Patch #20 [October 25th, 10:40] (Build #398)
- Fixed "French Toast (+)" achievement not working in certain cases
- Level Up and Research Available notifications should now only pop-up once all events are done
- Fixed item types not being checked correctly in both directions when swapping items
- Fixed broken crew portrait buttons in Passport UI when in the Shop UI
- Clarified mood switch tooltip for new players
- Fixed Collection UI on narrow screens
- Fixed bug with profile switching not correctly updating the crew selection UI

Hotfix #19.2 [September 15th, 12:40] (Build #393)
- Increased price for later level research trees
- Fixed loads and loads of texts
- Fixed the King Crab's debuff

Hotfix #19.1 [August 30th, 19:00] (Build #391)
- Lobbyists and Journalists price increased by 20%.
- Ulfberht Sword removed from tactician check in Saxon Island.
- Starter island doesn't hide what treasure you'll get anymore in the boss event.
- some small text fixes

Patch #19 [August 23rd, 22:40] (Build #384)
- Plenty of new stuff to discover in the Emerged Island! A handful new events, 3 new treasures and a new and vicious opponent in a new area!
- A new treasure is to be found in Shangri-La!
- The Insight spending screen shows a tooltip for expected token value.
- There is an option to increase the speed of Insight spending.
- The Treasure Collection UI in the Main Menu now shows information about the bonus that can be obtained from it. Hover the bonus pool icons for any previously discovered treasure.
- The Treasure collection UI in the Main Menu now also shows all unlocked Campfire Stories and your progress in unlocking them. (MTE)
- An option to Insight

- There is more gold available in Shangri-La.
- Helpers have been reset to their values from patch 19.
- Students now give 1-2 research, but cost 100 status to recruit. (first value)
- The pre-determination feature of Patch #18 has been removed from Discovery Mode. This means reloading now gives fresh roll game chances and encounter layouts.

- Chairman Pinkerton's advice crashed when evaluating some Ruby Lotus bonuses.
- Chairman Pinkerton can now advise on all different bonus types, where he ignored some previously.

Hotfix 18.2 [July 21st, 16:00] (Build #380)
- Fixed text in some places
- Fixed wrong spin in Shangri-La
- Fixed Monymusk appearing in the wrong place up again
- Fixed Renown from Keys in Shangri-La

Hotfix 18.1 [July 19th, 20:15] (Build #377)
- Fixed faulty data-file.

Patch #18 [July 19th, 17:00] (Build #376)

- Hatice has a new captain perk! Investor: +10 Collect at the start of each expedition. Gain 2 insight if you end an expedition with 50 Collect or more.
- Added a new treasure in Shangri-La!
- Added a few events in Shangri-La!
- The L A N D D E L V E R now actually puts some time pressure on you. Be quick to explore the Lost Island!

BALANCE (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧:
- Auctioneer and Impressionist Entourage removed from Stockholm due to misfitting
- All Stockholm entourage now give +1 token at level 4 instead of +1/+2 on level 2/5 (MTE)
- All Rio entourage now gives +2 tokens at level 6 instead of +1/+3 on level 3/6 (MTE)
- Lowered Earl's bonus from Weird Patents to 3% (MTE)
- Agatha's German Import will now only penalize 5 Study, 25 Speech Defense, and give 3 Campaign instead of 1 (MTE)
- It's not longer possible to bring the same Campfire Story twice. Any doubles will be left out of your deck at game start.
- Garb and starter treasures that give X tokens at the end of an expedition are a bit toned down (MTE)
- Shambhala Keys give 250 Renown instead of 150
- All final treasures from Shangri-La now have pool bonuses (MTE)
- Removed the skip encounter events in Shangri-La
- TRex and Darwin are significantly tougher
- Roll-games and encounter arena seeds are now pre-determined, which means loading to an earlier point no longer gives you a different chance. There's an exception for 'Retry Encounter' in Discovery mode, which still refreshes the seed.

- Can't get a rank A treasure in Turf house any more
- missing images, spelling errors
- Phillipe's card now works correctly
- Perk UI scroll resets to top when switching crewmembers.
- Exploit where opening inventory during events, saved the game state (but not the event progress).
- Issue where items could be lost by dragging and dropping an item from an incompatible slot on it.
- Issue where profile switching could recover a pre-win save from a finished adventure mode run.
- Issue where double clicking crewmember for targeted Campfire Stories triggered the story twice.

Patch #17.1 [June 14th, 19:20] (Build #373)
- Fixes a rare crash to do with scouting icons.

Patch #17 [June 14th, 17:40] (Build #370)
- You can now unlock Muscat, hosting a trinket bazaar in the Middle east.
- You can now unlock San Francisco, offering new entourage members
- A dark new force is terrorizing the Andes. (MTE)
- New events scattered all over the game, allowing you to meet more Specialists on their own journeys.
- Added option to dampen low Resolve and available Research warning pulse
- You can now (finally) swap your items by dragging \o/
- Added Crewmember Details box to Advanced Crew Selection screen.
- Added DLC and version indicators to leaderboard entries.
- Visual tweaks to scouting flags (the icons displaying information about unvisited nodes)

- Fixed bug where "sharpshooters alerted" message would pop up after every Friendly won encounter after Lost Island in Marathon mode
- Slightly dampened default low Resolve warning pulse
- Fixed Raptor Queen event
- Should no longer be possible to get stuck with unplayable cards in hand
- Fixed bonus descriptions in leaderboards
- Fixed Encounter token Renown gain for Captain perk for Maria and Victor
- Fixed Victor's captain perk only awarding 25% extra gold from Encounter
- Fixed a ton of missing/wrong text and pictures

- Toned down Inca Dagger and Emperor Garb
- Pedrinho will hate coffee haters
- Decreased Renown gain from Encounter tokens from Maria's and Victor's Captain Perk to 5.
- The machine in Lost Island doesn't allow for Resolve suicide anymore
- Shangri-La treasures are worth a lot more

Patch #16 [May 31st, 19:00] (Build #363)
- Fancy new loading screen!
- Added random button to crew selection screen
- Added a new performance option to the settings menu
- Added version number to win screen

- Fixed Philippe's upgraded Amnesia Shot being able to target 3 instead of 2 opponents
- Fixed camera being able to go out of bounds on very low frame rates
- Fixed Turf House event
- Improved feedback on maxed level crewmembers tooltip
- Fixed some perks not fitting in the item shop UI
- Fixed Event scrollbar placement
- Fixed Mood UI text placement in specific cases

- Finishing Anthropology gives 25 Renown per victory.

Patch #15 [May 18th, 10:00] (Build #341)
- Perks now have nice recognizable icons in front of them

- Fixed hotkey in main menu being inproperly active.
- Fixed small issue with passport UI opening on top of shop UI on narrow aspect ratios.
- Disarming Smile by Pedrinho was secretly an Attack ability.
- Zombie NO_I18N
- Monastery in Shangri-La now gives speech as advertised
- You can reconsider your options when distracting Roche's crew in the Emerged Island
- Reconsidering while mining the Quartz Mine won't remove the option to examinate the Skeleton (you know what I mean right? Go get that Gargoyle code!)
- Chuckles' sister is now blue.
- Fish in the tree gives supplies on the right moment
- Fixed phillipe's enraged resistance. AGAIN.
- Fixed Celtic Cross. AGAIN.

- The journalist bonus will only apply on the 5th expedition, not on insight spent
- Ivans upgrade gives +2 Supplies instead of +1.
- NEW: Flavia awaits you as a new Entourage member in Rio!
- Rio now has 4 levels of Entourage
- Finishing Observation now gives +50% renown from a resource
- Writing History now gives +1 Campaign on entering an Encounter node, and +3 campaign on entering an Epic node.
- The off-resource Entourage members in Istanbul (Rami, Zafira, Amon etc.) now are selected by token type
- The off-resource Entourage members in Istanbul (Rami, Zafira, Amon etc.) are significantly weaker
- Moondisk worth 375 now.
- Removed the newbie trap on the Shrunken Head

Patch #14.3 [April 20th, 15:30] (Build #323)
- Fixed an exploit where upgrading supply capacity during an expedition refilled all your supplies. (yes, it's possible to spend research during expeditions ;))

Patch #14.2 [April 15th, 11:10] (Build #320)
- Fixed a start-up crash related to unsuccessful Steam sign in.

Patch #14.1 [April 14th, 21:00]
- fixed an issue with an oasis event in Egypt.

Patch #14 [April 14th, 16:30]
- Ivan has a new captain perk! -1 Resolve. Gains +1 Supply Capacity after the 2nd and 3rd expedition.
- Added 2 small events.

BALANCE (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧:
- Insight jobs in Europe and Africa now give one extra token. (Timbuktu > Study, Zanzibar > Collect, Cape Town > Campaign)
- Research for end of 3rd tree and up is a little cheaper
- Laboratory changed -> German Laboratory: +2 Study when spending insight in Berlin
- Science Assistance now give 2 insight
- Renown from Status is now 6%. Renown from Science is now 14%.
- Hungarian Fort is a bit more generous towards Devious crews, especially the Beast.
- Egypt is a bit more rewarding now.

- All calls to online services now have a proper time-out
- Clarified message when saving and quitting in encounter
- Buffs are now sorted behind UIs
- Undo button is now correctly positioned in narrow aspect ratios
- Item Shop UI is now correctly positioned in narrow aspect ratios
- Fixed minor memory issue related to loading save games
- Fixed a lot of typos and missing strings (including my arch-nemesis "behaviour")
- Abominable mountain (it doesn't exist, why am I typing this?) now is revisitable.
- Fixed Armor debuffs being shown as percentage debuffs
- The smuggler boat now also gives the Secret/Treasure Hunt tokens when you found the hidden options
- Fixed an issue where stacked poison costs you multiple resolve
- More clear range tooltip for AoE attacks centered around the caster
- Some more memory optimisations
- Fixed an issue with 4k screens on Windows
- Game now properly selects correct GPU with NVIDIA Optimus setups

Patch #13.7 [April 4th, 17:30]
- Fixed issue where Star of Africa could be gained repeatedly.
- Fixed crash caused by clicking an item in crew selection, triggered by clicking an item later.
- Small text fixes.

Patch #13.6 [April 1st, 23:10]
- Added logging to debug a hard-to-find crash when selecting an item in the shop or passport UI.

Patch #13.5 [April 1st, 15:50]
- Fixed some broken strings
- Fixed rare crash when quickly entering encounter right after receiving a treasure
- Added warning for Intel graphics cards with outdated drivers

Patch #13.4 [March 31th, 13:00]
- News & Community now take timezones into account
- Fixed Awarded perk from Admiral Reis so that it gives Military History
- Fixed crash when buying entourage very fast and then switching to another city
- Fixed crash in main menu when restarting too quickly
- Updated game logo in some menus

Patch #13.3 [March 31th, 11:30]
- Fixed rare crash in rendering

Patch #13.2 [March 30th, 10:30]
- Performance fix in Transylvania expedition
- Added back version number to main menu
- Lowered memory threshold for which compatibility warning is triggered
- Fixed audio stuttering on some PCs

Patch #13.1 [March 29th, 19:00]
Mac and Linux versions of Patch #13, along with:
- Fix for crash in Transylvania
- News & Community now have expiration date
- Disabled metrics system
- Assorted text fixes.
- Fixed startup crashes on some hardware configurations
- Added extra log information about video drivers to investigate rare problems

Patch #13 [March 26th, 14:00]
- A new main menu with:
- New layout to make everything feel less crowded.
- A news feed to show news relevant to players.
- A reference to any Community Events, often the Weekly Challenge on these forums.
- Added incompatibility warnings for users with potentially incompatible hardware or drivers.

- Yvonne has Charms instead of Sense of Humor
- Bia gains Defense instead of Formations
- Admiral Reis gives Military History instead of Formations
- Lute gives Storytelling instead of Astonishing
- Kwame no longer gets double helpers on high levels diplomat or quick thinker

- Pagans believe in the occult.
- The "truth in the occult" option gives tokens now.
- Oengus Crown treasure is BACK
- Fixed a bug in which Quick Thinkers had to be either really cool or really lame to run through the Meadow's Castle.
- Fixed the text of mood buffs.
- Fixed using the machine from machine vs. magic in the talking tree event.
- Fixed a place where the Monymusk treasure shouldn't be available but was.

- Long audio files like music and ambient are now streaming to reduce memory load.
- More unloading of files that are not expected to be used soon.
- Miscellaneous memory optimizations.

Patch #12.1 [January 26th, 9:30]
- Fixed a crash occurring when visiting the Sunken Cathedral

Patch #12 [January 20th, 17:50]
- Added some new adventures on the Highlands, as well as a new treasure.
- When you revive a crew member, the reviver gains bonus defenses for 2 turn.
- You can no longer equip trinkets brought from the overworld when on expedition
- Emotion Resistances are more clearly displayed during encounters.
- Most Shangri-La treasures got extra Renown bonuses.
- Gold, Status and Research tooltip now show extra info about Renown gain.

- Cooldown of Strike of Fear raised to 6.
- 3rd and 4th tree of research significantly more expensive. This will allow you to actually OVER commit into science.
- Lowered the Renown Gain from the research masteries to 50% to reduce dependency on them.
- Gold and Status now have the same Renown modifier: 8%. Research still has 12%
- Boosted the healing power of all speech abilities: "Try to.." from 20% > 30% (Impress stays at 25%) and normal from 25% > 35%.
- Tranquility base power down to 40%.
- Rivaleux has a ranged Physical attack
- Scientist senses give +1 Study on a node of choice instead of +2.
- Writing History gives +1 Campaign token instead of +2.
- Apparatus Artists triggers on lvl 3 instead of lvl 2.
- Changed psychology a bit.
- The entourage for attitude (Pinkerton, Vaduva, etc.) is now pooled with same attitude: you will always have something useful per attitude instead of per resource type.
- Moved Monymusk Relinquary to the Scottish Castle and McRea.
- Cassandra in Egypt has lower defenses, mixed up resistances, Rivalini's have lower spirit
- Demon battles in Shangri changed, both the characters and the way they respond to your attitude.
- Red, green and blue demons all have different stats.
- The Red Demon can now pin you down.
- Shangri-La better advertises possible Supply stashes.
- Changes to a few Shangri-La stories to have slightly more control over Resolve loss.
- Shambhala key bonusses for Rivaleux lowered:
- Strength: Armor 25->20, Attack 10->6
- Heart: Terrified Nullify -> Resist, Speech 10->6
- Mind -> Impressed Nullify -> Resist, Speech Defense 25->15

- Anna's captain perk nerfed, AGAIN. If she's still that much out of line, I declare her a cockroach and unnerfable. Bonus for gold and status reduced to 1-2 from 1-3.
- Charles's captain perk bonus for gold and status reduced to 1-3 from 2-4 and curio reduced to 0-1 from 1-2.
- Lowered Hildegard's science gain from 2-6 to 2-4.
- Philippe now gains +4 Study token per medkit left at the end of an expedition.

- Renown multiplier bonuses for Gold didn't work. Now they do.
- Slight changes to the way stories are placed in expeditions.
- 'Practical supplies' icon during expeditions changes to 'supplies' as they were only used to advertize supplies.
- Zombie encounter no longer freezes when the Zombie frightens a Cultist
- Fixed an exploit where Undo move could be used to use abilities from farther away.
- Fixed an exploit where moving in steps avoided the slow of difficult terrain.
- Items don't count as treasures any longer.
- One.. More... Expedition is no longer still enabled after starting a new game
- Revisitable nodes are now actually revisitable!
- Fixed an exploit where you could get treasures multiple times by click spamming
- Item Shop, Passport and Entourage Shop work a little better on smaller aspect ratios
- Final node in Shangri-La now shows an objective cross.
- Abilities that couldn't be used from next to opponents (like Piercing Shot) can now be used while standing next to Friendly defeated opponents on the edge of the arena.
- Some typos.

Patch #11.1 [December 17, 21:40]
- Fixed that entering an encounter with Tactician's Notes crashed the game.

Patch #11 [December 17, 18:20]
- You can now continue your expedition after it's over. One... more... expedition..
- Restart Expedition button added to allow faster restart on your first expedition
- Undo movement button added
- You can now do movement in steps
- Added extra tools for save game management for those of you with 100+ savegames :)

- [strike]Insight from Roche's Treasure and Water of Life reduced to 1.[/strike]
- Trinkets are cheaper and weaker. Removed a lot of the weird side effects.
- Trowel and Broom aura reduced to -10 Speech Defense.
- Tactician notes reduced to 15% Attack boost.
- Selling price of items is now 75%
- Movement in Shangri-La a bit cheaper
- Offensive items are stronger, decent and good offensive items are 33% cheaper
- Defenses of some later level characters increased.
- Lecture Expert no longer doubles Discovery, Secret and TreasureHunt tokens
- Kwame's double helper boost now fires at lvl. 5 Quick Thinker instead of lvl. 3.
- Ramped up late game helper cost a bit

- Globus Cruciger gives 3 Campaign and 3 Collect per lvl of Diplomat, and 2 Insight
- Roche's Anchor gives 5 Collect per lvl of Stalwart, but 2 insight and 200 renown
- Roche's coat gives 5 Study per lvl of Naturalist, but 2 insight
- Roche's chest gives 1 insight
- Ritual book gives 1 insight
- Charlemagne's Hand no longer gives +5 Status from Campaign

- Fixed the issue where you would quit/crash out of the overworld and be unable to get a new city.
- Fixed Expedition Reports not working correctly.
- Fixed cultural awareness triggering on wrong jobs.

Patch #10 [December 9, 20:50]
- Completely new Research trees. All trees have been replaced with new ones that allow more different strategies.
- Supply gain and usage over the whole game changed.
- Pedrinho has a new Captain Perk! His parties in Paris, Mumbai, Zanzibar and Cape Town are OFF. THE. CHARTS. (Rivaleux is not invited)
- Asian jobs now also give a lesser token, trigering some upgrades and treasures.
- Crew members now gain an extra Trinket slot through leveling (instead of through Research). Level depends on class.

- Rollgames give 2 XP (instead of 1). XP required for Leveling increased.
- Fixed the most annoying thing ever in the game: Equipment shops now level through Gold! No more thinking: "darn, I still needed the Status I just blew on a helper."
- Agatha's Inspiring Course now comes one level later.
- Ivan base spirit raised to 45.
- Emilia base speech defense lowered to 20, base armor to 5, and speech to 22.
- Maria's base speech raised to 30.
- Mali villagers believe in the good heart of people a little longer (switch attitude later)
- Pedrinho's Party-Time cooldown increased to 4, cooldown Disarm increased to 5, power of partytime decreased to 50% and power of disarm decreased to 75%.
- Pedrinho gets the Survivalist - Navigation perk instead of Survivalist - Hunting on lvl 2.
- Emilia's academic bonus reduced to +1 Study
- Because of all the changes, Renown gain from resources has been reduced: Gold: 0.075, Status: 0.08, Research: 0.12
- Enemies on the Emerged Island are stronger
- Demons in Shangri-La are a bit weaker.
- Rose gives the Beguiler - Beautiful Smile perk instead of Beguiler - Storytelling
- Druid's sheep are now Highland Sheep

- fixed Roche's Anchor treasure
- fixed more achievement issues
- Fixed Dolores and Kwame's animations
- Rivaleux no longer shows any mercy! (fixed AI bug where Rivaleux wouldn't act)

Patch #9.2 [November 29, 19:20]
- Removed Thanksgiving
- Added in more than 30 new speech icons to convey more character during speech abilities.

Patch #9 [November 26, 12:45]
- All non-enraging speech actions temporarily have a thanksgiving icon that triggers randomly instead of the original one. Spread the gratefulness!

- Science now yields less renown
- The level 2 entourage of Constantinople is now level 3 and vice versa
- Cernunnos Skull gives slightly lower gains
- Executioner's Axe gives collect tokens instead of battle tokens
- Crown of thorns gives 2 supplies on top of current effect, but only triggers 3 times and loses resolve boost
- Defensive items have a bigger disparity between their first and secondary buffs
- Philospher Stone now gives +2 Campaign when a lvl 2 Archaeologist succeeds on the adventure wheel
- Seth Maribre's Scepter now triggers on lvl 3 Tactician and Diplomat
- Helpers get more expensive more quickly
- Rio entourage is more expensive
- Constantinople Entourage more expensive
- Earl gained a little more speech defense, and his captain perk is boosted
- Hungarian Fort is a bit more balanced out with treasures
- The Group Insult debuff is now defensive

Patch #8.2 [November 16, 11:15]
- Fixed a crash occurring when getting too many of the same type of Entourage helper.

Patch #8.1 [November 13, 10:30]
-Fixed Charles' captain perk giving its bonuses for helper entourage.
-Fixed Power of Secrets research working for all token types at any time.
(Yes, basically there was a short window in which these 2 bonuses were insanely powerful :p)
-Fixed Bia's captain perk holding out (but not giving) its reward in non-boss battles.

Patch #8 [November 12, 14:45]
- Kwame has a new captain perk! He will attract helpers by being friendly.
- Bia has a new captain perk! She becomes stronger by fighting, and gains Campaign tokens by taking down bosses.
- Molly has a new captain perk! Aside from her cutthroat ability, Rogues will now net you more Collect tokens.
- Reworked and added events in Transylvania.
- Reworked Emerged Island events a bit.
- Improved speech feedback a little.

- Kwame has 'try to Enrage' instead of 'try to Terrify', and is all round a bit more scout-y.
- Anna's boosts to gold and status have been reduced to +1 to +2 Gold/Status.

- Rank of some treasures change to better match their power.
- Stegoceras Skull, Saxon Ring, Dragon Head, Brooche in Urnes Style, Celtic Cross, Saxon King's Mantle and Sun Stone give different tokens.
- King's Mantle, Stegocerus, Sun Stone, Saxon Ring, Dragonhead and Urnes Brooch is easier to trigger.
- Lotharskreuz and Charlemange hand are now somewhere else....
- Effects of all Transylvania treasures changed.
- Effects of most Emerged Island treasures changed.

- Bia's triple slash works as intended.
- Virginia in Mali is now a boss encounter.
- Dolores' mask is now acknowledged by the Mali masked villagers.
- Some items have new buff icons.

Patch #7 [November 6, 18:15]
- Removed Halloween theme (but the content remains!)
- Revived units are now de-stunned
- Fixed Research Mastery Achievement
- Fixed freeze issue that happened with Quick Encounter Animations on
- Sped up attitude & mood animations with Quick Encounter Animations on
- Fixed shading around heads that removed fog in a square
- More space for tokens in arena review ui
- Miscellaneous fixes in texts and other content

The Gargoyle Code (Halloween Update) [October 29, 17:10]
- Added new content, but what, and where?...woOOoooOOOoo..

Save Patch [October 28, 9:30]
- Improved foundation of save system
- Improved robustness of cloud saving
- Profiles are now never overwritten without express user permission
- Every profile now has a maximum of 300 save slots, to conform with the Steam Cloud file limit
- Removed a number of redundant auto save files
- Fixed some issues with auto saves not being removed properly

Mali Hotfix #2 [October 23]
- fixed some issues with Mali (Mask of Madness and boss)
- Small rebalance.
- Fixed the supreme tactician buff.
Mali Hotfix #1 [October 21, 15:45]
- Fixed teamkilling hyenas in Mali boss arena.
- Fixed paging for leaderboards.
- Fixed issues with leaderboards on slow connections.
- Fixed a buff icon.
- Fixed a crash bug when loading to right before the coronation.

Mali Mystery free DLC & Leaderboards [October 20, 19:15]
- Added a new expedition: Mali Mystery.
- Playthroughs are now recorded in local leaderboards.
- Playthroughs can now be compared with Friends through online leaderboards.
- Fixed some small achievement issues.

Patch #5 [October 8, 20:00]
- A new trinket in New Orleans: The Spyglass
- Some new endings and a new event in the Highlands and Egypt.

- A lot of trinkets have their price down, usability improved, and usage simplified.
- Trowel and Broom boost fixed to melee range, and power decreased to -20 Speech Defense.
- The Highlands has it's treasures scattered over more events. Plays a bit more like Caribbean now.

- Some remaining issues with achievements.

Hotfix #4.1 [September 29, 14:30]
Fix for Cities and the end game Journalists not unlocking after finishing expeditions.

Patch #4: UI Improvements, Captain perks, Achievements, Lots of Balance
Change notes [September 23, 14:30]

- You can now inspect crew member perks and stats during stories, Shops and other menus by clicking their portraits.
- Yvonne has a new captain perk! Her Devious boost now gets better with each expedition completed.
- Charles has a new captain perk! His perk improves campaign tokens every time you buy a specialist, much like Anna's captain perk.
- Dolores has a new captain perk! She can make Collect tokens give great Status, which improves every time she succeeds on the Adventure Wheel.

- Transylvania treasures give a lot more Insight.
- Buff gained from gloves in Sydney now add 40% damage instead of 25% damage.
- Hungarian Fort (**) has more encounters and gives more tokens.
- There are a few less study tokens in the Caribbean
- Made getting Research Papers progressively more expensive.
- The starting bonus of the Science tree in the papers has changed to give +1 study on technique challenges
- "Field Rations" now requires "Opening Doors"
- Bonus from "Training Regimen" paper is now +2 Attack whenever a Fighter succeeds on the adventure wheel.
- Fighters' attack slightly boosted.
- Earl's captain perk now gives 4 Collect tokens per Paper.
- Amir's Compliment isn't awesomely strong anymore
- A certain non-existing creature in Shangri-La is now more approachable. (Adventure Wheel is actually passable).

- Fixed a few broken achievements. 100% completion rate is possible.
- Fixed quest/story state on expeditions sometimes not saving properly
- Added option in the Settings menu to disable cloud syncing of save games
- Improved some user interfaces on small screens
- Fixed Agatha's inspiring course not being buffed by Knowledge is Power
- Font rendering now uses less memory
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs and typos

Patch #3: Content & Difficulty options
Change notes [September 10, 15:30]

- Added some new events and encounters. You'll have to explore to find them ;)
- Added Difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Classic, Impossible. This is selected at start, unchangeable. The 'Plus' achievements from Adventure mode can only be awarded on Classic or higher.
- Added a cheat mode which enables a 'Win Encounter' mode.
- Fixed exploit where people could continue after their 5th expedition
- Game is playable with mouse only
- Crash fix in Job UI
- Better handling of corruption in save games
- Achievement fixes
- Added -g_usecloudsave, a launch option to disable Steam's cloud saving API.
- Miscellaneous fixes for crashes and bugs and broken content.

Patch #2.1
Change notes [September 4, 14:45]
- Small fixes to missing/wrong texts
- Possibly fixed that game doesn't crash at startup when owning a corrupt save.
- Fixed a few small bugs.

Patch #2
Change notes [September 3, 16:00]

- Small balance change so that Gun Smuggler in the Caribbean has lower range.
- Fixed a few rare crashes regarding loading games, spending Insight, exiting expeditions and selecting leveling options.
- Add option for mail address in crash-reports, so that we can contact you directly regarding crashes made during Renowned Explorers. Should work for Windows and OSX instances.
- Can now determine correct windows version, so we can assist you better with crashes.
- Added diagnostic and information so that we can check driver versions, and assist with updating when necessary. We are also generating better error reports for driver crashes.
- Still looking into issues that user are having with integrated Intel graphics cards on Windows.
- Some users are running out of memory in video RAM or RAM, we are looking into unloading this data more efficiently.
- Can now properly report out of memory issues that are occurring for some users.

Patch #1: Day 0 fixes.
Change notes [September 2, 19:00]

- Small balance tweaks

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't click on units during a encounter.
- Solved several saving/loading bugs.
- Fixed ability animations freezing after a frame drop.
- Improved some animations and added missing speech bubbles.
- Corrected various spelling mistakes and added missing text.
- Fixed various small bugs.
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