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Rage Prophet Balancing Issues


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I'd noticed previously that Rage Prophets lost their edge in the later game.

I realised why with the latest patch - before that, their armour penalty didn't matter until they had a high enough figure that it was still positive after the reduction. Now that they get it from the very start, it seems an excessive amount that they lose - they do have high damage and health, but they are also priority target number one for enemies, as they will almost always be doing massively more damage to them.

If there's Divine foes present too? Just... don't take Rage Prophets. At all. It's not worth the risk. Go Chieftain instead.

Even with the higher Awe values, soaking the additional damage is nearly impossible in the early game on Classic, and you'll have to spend more than a few miracles just to get them back on par with everyone else. That said, the actual damage to the Rage Prophet themselves seems about right with their health. Maybe also give them a reduced Awe damage or something? Or make that bonus damage they get only apply to their spirit instead or something?