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Hi - can Rues be saved on xbox one? , my kids are using it and getting frustrated because they cannot save- no book with the disc - no information online- have emailed abbey games - no response- was hoping this would be a good thinking game but they are frustrated by achieving so much and then having to start again---anyone? info about the method of play and save gratefully received if you can respond with information.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey there! Sorry for the late response, we're a bit short on hands here!

Reus should be saved just like anything. The game is setup in session though. Every 30/60/120 minutes (depending on how far you are in the game), you'll have to make a new world. There is also an endless mode where you can go on without the time limit. Both versions are saveable, but you only unlock new stuff through the challenges.
If you see no safe option though, we didn't make or distributed the Xbox version of the game. That would be Soedesco. We only created the original PC version of the game. I'm sorry I can't help you further with this. If it makes you feel any better, we didn't get a dime from the xbox release. ;P

I hope it was of help!