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Righteous Rituals Feedback: Best version yet!!


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Haven't played the game since the Old Ones Rising release due to other stuff coming up. Decided to give it a try a few days ago. Liked what I saw and then realized I needed to go through all the release notes to catch up with what was done. After doing that started up a new game yesterday and after several hours needed to forcibly make myself stop playing. The game definitely has a "just one more sacrament feel" to it that kept me coming back. I managed to get off the first island and am most of the way through the second and just wanted to keep on going.

Some thoughts
  • While the core of the game is still the same, I like the village UI much much better. In particular, the way the god actions work: pick a person, assign action, and then repeat (if possible). And allowing one person to do more than one item (e.g. ritual multiple times) is a nice touch.
  • Fervor is a wonderful replacement for having to manage health. While I understand the need to have a mechanism to prevent a player from sticking to just the star players, having to deal with health post sacrament (especially when I lost) was tedious. Now I can send the same people back again if I want (perhaps taking the time to have them dream / ritual in advance)
  • I like the additional customizations that can be added for rituals. I can see this enabling fine tuning attributes as needed.
  • Entire UI for managing buildings, etc is very intuitive and nice.
  • Love love love the whole idea of martyrdom and pushing your luck for sacraments.
  • Having sacraments be about gaining followers via morale vs. just breaking the opponents HP leads to more meaningful choices in how I want to set up my team. Really appreciate the thought that went into this.
  • Customizing religion looks like it will be fun. Unsure how much it matters in long run, but that's not a surprise since I'm just partially into one game.
  • The tutorial workflow needs some help. Unsure what the precise problem is, but it seems like some of the options I selected were doubly queued - so when I would hit "exit tutorial" it instead took me back to details on an item I had already seen.
  • On medium graphics the UI was sluggish. This may be due to the age of my machine (2015 MacBook Pro) or just that you haven't optimized the code yet (which would be understandable). When I moved down to low things were much better. And even at the UI the graphics are great.
  • I was slow to notice the rituals granted shards and then people needed multiple shards to level up an attribute. To be fair, this may have been called out in the tutorial / help UI, but as noted in the point above, using the tutorial was frustrating so I didn't spend much time with it.
All in all great work. Very happy to have backed this!


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Yeeeah! Thanks for the awesome feedback! We're ramping up to the final update of the game before release. It will have more religion customization (much more!) and we're also looking for a way to tackle a problem that happens mid-late game, where you have too many good choices that all look sort of the same. The last one we're still figuring out if it works, but the customization is going great. :)
The game has gone through so much in EA, we hope to release with a bang! By now, it's almost an entirely new Godhood!