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RNG on totems/relics breaks fantasy?


Happy weekend monks!
In a new game run, I found the RNG to be pretty annoying and even breaking the fantasy of creating your own religion. While there is so much choice for choosing tenets, the luck of getting good totems and relics feels like a completely different philosophy.
Why get only grey relics on island 2 (lust), when that island has an exclusive green evasion relic possible? The point of getting a relic "choice" is that we can build how we want, but this 'unlucky' roll undermines that freedom. Especially when the next island of choice for the fantasy has no relics.

I think a steady progression of relic rarity should be guaranteed. No 3 greys after the first island!

Similarly for totems, why am I getting a green totem on island 1, pink on island 2, and then no gold until island 6 !? It's hard to refuse these powerful totems at the start, but it undermines a good fantasy-oriented run with control and balanced development.

I would want a little tweaking to this RNG, make the game flow better. Curious to understand your thoughts. Thanks!


Recruit #5 should always have a RED totem.
It's tragic to get greys, then suddenly greens on island2 which make this relatively new recruit quite useless.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey there! Yeah I did some tweaking on the totems - they're now much more evenly spread!

The rarity on relics... is just a bit random. I think it's just some legacy from old design and systems that I will need to vaccuum thoroughly!


Loving the new Bronze totem on recruit #5 with the new patch! Was very needed!

But I'm still getting PINK at the START of island2! I think it's WAY too powerful so early on.
I know you guys dicussed this a lot on discord... Why not limit isle2 totems to bronze and greens?
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