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Save Game exploit, quicksave shortcut?


There is a nasty exploit if you happen to save/load the game- The cooldowns on god actions reset on load. Certainly the 'n. of days' cooldowns, not sure about n. of missions.

As a side note, i think it will be useful to have a hotkey for generating a single quick save file. Very useful on-the-go, saves so many mouse clicks. Without the exploit of course ;)


Abbey Games Developer
Hey, the cooldown+save exploit is on our radar, thanks for reporting. We're fixing it for the next patch.

As for the quick save. I thought this was only in our in-house development build, but apparently it's available already! You can Quick Save with F9, and load that same file with F11. It's only a single slot that gets overwritten every time, and you'll be able to find it under the name 'Quick Save' in the load menu as well.