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Abbey Games Developer
Haha! And they say Divine is underpowered!
Seriously though, what is up with that amount of Spirit. I'm genuinely curious how they even got that much.


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Well, my Best was just over 300, but Huani I wanted to memorialise for doing so much so often, and without needing any buffs from the team (and it wasn't Huani that got 300+, that was a Chieftain/Chieftain/Executioner combo with insanely high might, +25% might relic, the chieftain buffs and hitting a Beastwalker with a critical Dark attack). :p

(And who says Divine is under-powered? It's awesome - all the classes are great/OP! It's just Chastity that suffers from only having divine purely cause there's a lot of Nature Disciples in the enemies)

As for the spirit, he was a
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totem, had the chastity super-miracle with a dedication + lots of health/devotion bonuses. Almost all of it was the Totem though, the bonus is fantastic.

Nice 'lil village there, looking very pretty. Mine tends to be messy, just organised so I've got miracle buildings one way, resources another, buffs a third and everything else the forth :p I completely fail at making it pretty because of this though.

Also good choice on the War/Chastity front. I approve :p (And so does Huani)