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Seperate happiness bonus and sacriment difficulty please. Also, colors.

First I love this game and I love the idea of what the finished product will be even more. I really like God simulator games but I really dislike that almost all of them are nothing but terrain sculpting. This definitely breaks away from that.

There are lot of things I would like to see added but I just wanna make two very simple requests. As plenty of people have mentioned very good high concept high investment type things.

1st I really don't like how the Difficulty setting ties both the difficulty of the fight and the happiness bonus together. They both do work together to make it more easy or more difficult but they also do it in different ways. Personally I would really like to be able to play with the happiness bonus to have longer Time frames to get into the strategic depth earlier, But I would like to also make my fights more difficult to balance that out. Maybe there are people that are the opposite and would like to be very fast paced In their game without being overwhelmed in the sacrament. Separating the 2 parts of the difficulty scale would allow better tweaking to suit individual play style.

Second I have to save your missing a lot of great colors in our color palette. The most jarring of which is the absence of red. A true scarlet red as well as a deep dark raspberry Would be very welcome additions. We have no cool tone red shade. Even just one more row of colors would be able to fill a lot of holes we have in our color palette If chosen wisely.

I also have some questions if that's OK. Really this was more about the to suggestions but if you're reading this, I would appreciate some assistance.

Was the mechanic of dismissing disciples removed? It sounded rather preferable to waiting for them to die.

Secondly the latest official post included a link to the discord but when I click it it says that link is old and has expired.

Finally does the Secondary color option and in disciple customization do anything? I have yet to see it do anything I think tying it to detailing be so that you can choose face paint colors Separate from the rest of the outfit would be rather cool.