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Simplified Chinese & Patch 1.2: Monastery Life


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hello young gods!

Two exciting events today; the game is available in simplified Chinese and Update 1.2: Monastery Life is ready for you to play!

Simplified Chinese
We recently got the opportunity to translate Godhood into Simplified Chinese. We gladly took this chance, which we're grateful for. We hope our new Chinese gods will enjoy playing Godhood! We're continuing to look for opportunities to translate the game to other languages.

Monastery Life
We already showed some of the new things that would arrive in this new update. I'll quickly highlight 2 other improvements.

Two New Traditions
With Martial Arts you need to take control over your initiative. Overpower abilities will lower Armor for 1 round, so you want others to capitalize on it. To go even further, you can bless their fists, which is stronger the slower your Disciple is!
The second tradition is the Monastery of Miracles. This tradition makes your Sorceries bedazzle the opponent, lowering their accuracy. More importantly, you can inspire a humbling augury; your weakest Disciple will become unbreakable, and give you extra tributes for the next Sacrament. A great way to boost the growth of your younglings!

The classes you pick for your Disciples will now have extra effects. For example, the Beastmaster will now gain extra Crit Chance, and the weaver will more often than not hit the weakest target! You can check the changes in class selection, or the class window in the right!
With this change we hope to give the classes some extra character!

The full patch notes:
  • Added the Excommunicate God Action, which allows you to boot Disciples after building the Sun Stone. It costs happiness and permanent faith though.
  • NEW TRADITION: Monastery of Miracles. Enchant your enemies with miracles, and boost your young prospects!
  • NEW TRADITION: Martial Arts. Control your initiative and Overpower abilities to perform devastating combos!
  • NEW TENETS: Reclusion and Pain is Gain.
  • Classes can now improve and penalize a variety of stats. For example, the Lust Priest will gain extra physical accuracy and target smarter, but will have -1 Fervor.
  • Fixed missing Dedication (Aristocrat, Kickstarter)
  • Fixed missing celebratory buildings for some Traditions
  • Fixed Dream-exploit where a single dream assignment could be executed any number of times by abusing the button.
  • No longer need to pick a tenet or tradition when you have enough points, but no available options.
  • Fixed some content in enemy Sacraments
  • Fixed a bug in which some characters would get less experience
  • Fixed the Cultist passive "God of Magic"
  • Fixed issue where leveling a disciple quickly would skip a passive tier
  • Fixed some text issues.
  • Fixed floating freckles and chest-hair in disciple portraits
  • Order of Monks gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Hermit Pilgrimage.
  • Promote Virginity gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Holy Marriage.
  • Secret Society gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Burial.
  • School of Philosophy gives Reclusion instead of Order of Monks
  • Hermit Pilgrimage gives Reclusion instead of Holy Cats
  • Revelations gives Reclusion
  • Doom gives reclusion instead of Ritual Cleaning
  • Madness starts with Reclusion
  • Order of Paladins gives Martial Arts instead of burial
  • Blood Sport gives Martial Arts instead of Might Makes Right
  • The Holy Banana is back my dudes!
  • Smite now has a different effect, since the last one was broken.
That's it for today! We hope you'll enjoy playing the game!
- Greetings from the Abbey
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