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Sneak-Peek Update #5: Martyrs and Fervor


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hello aspiring gods!

It's been almost 2 weeks since we launched our biggest update yet with "Newfound Shores"! We're now looking forward to our next update: "Righteous Rituals"! The update is planned for this month!

This update will again bring you a set of improvements and features worthy of your religion. Lets take a look at two of the changes we're bringing in:


Think your Disciples can convert any who oppose you? Why not convert more by making your Disciples suffer for the righteous cause! Give the enemy a head-start by jeering and striking your Disciples down, and then impress them with a biblical comeback!

This way, you can increase the risk you take. The wise will know exactly when they're asking too much of their disciples, and when their devotion will be rewarded.

Our design goals with Martyrs is to reward player's insight, and allow you to take more risks for greater rewards. It also makes the Sacraments a bit quicker.


A problem we found was that some player got stuck in a loop of losing and being broken. To address this, we changed carry-over HP into Fervor. Doing a Mission will cost you Fervor, and being low on Fervor is not good for a Disciple. Fervor automatically regenerates when a Disciple stays home, but old Disciples will have less Fervor!

Together with some other smaller changes to the coming of age, we want to give you a more smooth experience. It will make all players think more about their team composition, avoiding new players to be blindsided by high healing costs and aging disciples. It also makes losing physical battles equally jarring for your planning as morale Sacraments.

That wraps this sneak-peek up. We also have more content and some thematical upgrades in the pipeline. We can't wait to show them!

We're happy with the reception for "Newfound Shores", and are looking to bring you more Godhood!
- Greetings from the Monks


Wow didn't expect a new major update so quickly after the last one. I have a question though: will there be another small bugfix patch before that update??

I really like the idea of Martyrs - and with the change to HP regen it means that there's no "cost" if you win, right? (You don't have to heal the 75% HP from the Martyrdom since now it's handled by Fervor)
Fervor itself seems interesting but I'll need to play with the update to judge more :) There are definitely pacing concerns depending on how it's handled (e.g. if you win a Sacrament with everyone at 75% HP or more, currently you can use the same team again for the next Sacrament because natural healing will take care of it. Is it still the case or do Disciples have to sit out at least one sacrament no matter what? etc.)


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey Wendek!

The next update won't take that long to launch, so all fixes will be in that one!
If you win, there is no cost of winning indeed! Well, except for the Fervor! As a standard, a Disciple loses 1 fervor per Sacrament in a mission, but regenerates 2 fervor if they stay home. Exception is collecting Tithe: That also costs Fervor!
This means that you'll have to cycle about 1/4-1/3 of the time.