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Some bugs, maybe...


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I don´t know if this issues are intended but here is what I found:

- When reaching level 9 my Worshipper amount (that allows you to get more Disciples) didn´t change. It was 50 and remained at 50, although I got a new Disciple slot.
- After adding abilities with the Sunstone if you perform a Miracle with that Disciple and it gets an ability, that ability overwrites the ability you already had pick up with the Sunstone, instead of replacing one of the basic/default ones.
- This is not a bug, but the game map feels a bit short. I finished it at level 9 with 604 followers, and the last battles/sacraments where kind of easy with the "overpowered" Disciples.

I´m gonna try another religion and see if it happens again. Best regards.


Abbey Games Developer
Hi charmon,

I added the bugs to our fix-list. Regarding the play-time and the balance: we're working on that try to improve on it with every update we put out.