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i bought this game a few Days ago and i finished 2 playthrough on normal and i'm on my 3rd one on the highest difficulty. Honestly thank you for the tutorial i would have been lost without it. and since you are still in development i thought i would add some of my opinion :

On the Extra Side :

most of the game is about crunching some number and see it unravelled in the sacrament, i love those kind of game but it's a bit sad that you don't need to have some interaction in the city directly or at least get your unused character to do something linked to their trait or class like a gathering of people for the diplomat or some kind of showdown in front of some chieftain or rage prophet

i would have loved some kind of specifics trinkets/pets/aura surrounding your priest depending on the kind of tree you choose during the sacrament like some red aura or a puddle of blood which evaporate at the beginning of the fight if you are a god of war, some meal getting binged by the priests and you're follower if you are about sharing just before the beginning of the sacrament, or the arrival in some judge clothes for the justice kind of god, and just before the fight begin, they throw away their robes and hat to get ready, or the animalist to get the pet to fight next to your priest to show the bonus they have just as an animation next to their feets is enough.

On the Progression side :

For the progression i noticed a few issue like the speed of scaling on each island. i can only speak about the normal difficulty since i didn't finish the hard one yet ( even if i noticed the same thing ). so i would say that issue is about the scaling of ritual and new generation, because if i understand the meaning of the skull is to push you to finish faster to get all the sweet bonuses you can get on every mission. On my experience i usually hit a wall starting the 2nd or 3rd island simply because my guy aren't high enough because of the number of miracle they can do since their generation is the basic one without any bonus, when i got them, and they are not old enough to allow me to renew my team, which force me take my time and do some free missions ( honestly i don't mind ) to let my team die of old age or get send on pilgrimage ( the politically acceptable reason instead of saying ; "to yeeeet them in the trash" ;) ) but then, once you become powerfull enough to pass this island, you arrive on the next one, which are exactly on the same level of the previous one ... no actually i'm wrong let me correct this, it is actually lower than the boss fight you just had, which makes senses BUT the thing is since everything is based on the score of your guys and you manage to down the bossfight ( where you need to be on the 3rd generation usually unless some lucky element weakness in front of you) there is no real challenge anymore except trying different combination of priest to fight against the ennemies.
In conclusion i would say that to fix that there is different kind of solution :

- put a limit to how far you can go in the tech tree depending on the island you are in instead of the numbers of follower, lower the numbers of follower you get in the free mission, but decrease the level of each sacrament to not put a brick wall against players where they need only "perfect stat" to go through. this would not change much the game actually but it would force the players to really take care of each bossfight like a real tough one instead of using it as a bottleneck

- increase the bonus you can get from ritual to matter more on the long run for the progression of your priests, and by doing so lowering a bit the bonus from 2nd and 3rd generation on each miracle level, the miracle still need to be important but i would say loosing 10 to 20% wouldn't hurt too much and so keep the miracle important by allowing more miracle to be perfom by each priests depending on their generation. this kind of setup would allow an early game more smooth and allow you to progress without feelling like your always short on something because you missed a stepstone

- make the new generation and totem a bit more difficult to get by increasing the number of people needed to unlock it, or by putting a condition depending on the island you are in to get it or to put it in the religion tree to unlock them. because right now even on the first island you can get everything unlocked by the time you finish just by doing the free mission

I noticed that you can cheese the difficulty issue by doing some of the "free sacrament" on the bottom left of the world map, since it allows you to collect some ressource and so to upgrade your village and generation, on the first island like this you can slowly upgrade everything before finishing this island without loosing much and then roflstomp the next island

In my Opinion right now the need to upgrade the generation of priest have too much importance toward anything else in terms of power so it needs something to balance it out during the progression because once you have this you are free to go until the end unbothered because it's too much of a "must have"

glad if I help somehow otherwise too bad

PS: and i saw you were working on something for the village hope to see it soon
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey there!

Thanks for the big write up! I like most suggestions, and some we've already implemented for the next update. Specifically, progression is a bit different, and the city is going to reflect your choices a lot more. :) Good points on how to make the progression a bit more even, I think I'll add something of that!

Thanks again for the suggestions!