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Some more info on that Kickstarter Campaign


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The Kickstarter campaign for Godhood is now live!
If you want to help us out, please read this post.


It's been a while since we've announced that we're going to take Godhood along the Kickstarter route. Back then I couldn't disclose many details, simply because we didn't know enough yet. But our plans have become a bit more defined, so here's some (admittedly pretty dry) info*:
  • The campaign will run from January 30th until March 1st.
  • We're considering a goal of €50.000,-
  • You get a copy of the final game if you back the campaign for €20,- or more.
  • And there's an early bird discount for backers until the 3d of February
  • Other backer-tiers and rewards will be available, but are undecided yet (we'll keep you posted on those)
As we said before, a successful Kickstarter campaign could help us get closer to fulfilling the fantasy of creating your own religion in Godhood. Development is well under way at this point and the game is going to realise that fantasy in a way we're incredibly excited about.

You can actually read up about how the game lets you create your own religion in the Inside Godhood blogposts.
However, our ambitions are big, and we want to push the game all the way to meet them. And that's where the Kickstarter comes in.

To really let you go wild with creating a religion, the game needs to provide a lot of options. Options for different Commandments, numerous religious buildings, unique options for dedications and - if possible - epic avatars for your god.
There will of course be plenty of these kinds of options in the game no matter what, but making the Kickstarter goal will give us the funding to really go all out.

And there won't just be more, we'd also like to give you (yes, you!) the chance to tell us what you'd like to see in Godhood.
As a prime example, we know that a lot of you would love to be your own version of a certain tentacly elder god...
With the Kickstarter funding we can make sure you can! With Commandments like Madness, Ritual Dedications like the Deep Sea or the Tentacle and a unique Cult Sanctuary building you could build the ancient secret cult you've always dreamt of.
You could even choose from a variety of tentacles to equip your god's avatar with... do you see where we are going with this?

We're planning on a lot more fun stuff to expand on the game, and your Kickstarter support will help make that a reality, but this is all we can share for now.
With the 30th of January being around the corner, we'll of course keep you updated in the coming weeks.
Let us know what you think of all this in the comments and we'll see you around.
If you could quickly fill out this form about the campaign, that would be great, too.
And if you want to get notified when the Kickstarter campaign starts, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

From the Abbey,


* All the mentioned information is subject to change and isn't definitive until the Kickstarter campaign kicks off.

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Hi, this new game sound exciting, just a question, will it be available drm-free or uniquely available through platform like steam ?


Abbey Games Developer
Hi, this new game sound exciting, just a question, will it be available drm-free or uniquely available through platform like steam ?
Hi ronane, yes, we aim to make the game available DRM-free through GOG as well.