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stat RANKS ignore permanent stat boosts?


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Maybe this is intentional, but quite meaningless in some scenarios.

The Burials tradition gives chests based on health rank, but the permanent health from the god action doesn't count towards rank. frustrating.
Similarly the glove relic gives global might boost, but you miss d out on rank up buffs because of a measly 3 points.

Is this intentional, or a programming oversight?


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
This sounds like an oversight. It should be permanent. Thanks for the info!

The Burial buff seems weird. Are you sure its not from another source? The glove I found to be not working indeed.


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Cancel that, it's not fine!
Attached are screenshots of stats suddenly dropping after death. I thought it was just health, but all the stats are affected.
Possibly the +2 on stats buff from the island?