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Strengths and Room for Improvement

Distracted Monk

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So far, Godhood has been intriguing and a bit wacky, but ultimately gets a lot of things right. So far I have played the game through twice as war/lust and peace/chastity.


Synergy- This is probably the most satisfying aspect of the game. When you can assemble a crew that can effectively work together and capitalize on each other's elements, while at the same time activating abilities based on the enemy make-up, this makes for a cool 1 round of combat (because you annihilated the team). Room for improvement--synergy rate of success should scale with specific attributes or with disciple level. Or, synergies should include additional actions based on disciple relationship. If you use disciples together, maybe their relationship should improve throughout the game offering future benefits.

Class structure- I appreciate the variety of classes available. This allows you to vary your strategy throughout the game or double down on favorite classes. Room for improvement-- Knowledge seems to have the least pairs throughout the class structure. The Druid is especially useless in this regard.

City building- The pace feels appropriate for the rate at which your city develops. You are able to keep up with the new buildings and manage your disciples easily throughout the game. Room for improvement-While the pace feels appropriate, it also feels too much like a tutorial. There really isn't something that you can experiment with, or really get wrong when choosing to develop your buildings. Just match the buildings with your available attributes and move on. It would be nice to have more options or have buildings that are unique to the play style you have chosen for your god. Even better, let your play style dictate the buildings you have access to. Don't decide beforehand that you wish to be a peaceful, loving god, make choices on character development and city interaction that force your disciples to reveal your disposition to the world.

Godness- For a game titled Godhood, there is very little your god does, especially in relation to Reus (a beautifully simple and complex game). If your approach is one of a deist, then it is appropriate that the God is a bit standoffish and tends to inspire people rather than interact with them. However, it seems as if there could be more to your godly greatness. Along the same lines as the previous comment, it may be nice to provide a tech tree with your god as it levels up. Again, choosing attributes that match your choices throughout the game. Along the lines of Reus, maybe create an unlock system that gives you access to more abilities the more you play through the game. This might address the limited ability for your disciples' faith to go anywhere beyond exuberant or below neutral.

Main map- I like the ability to be able to systematically spread your faith throughout the known world as you conquer island after island. However, I can see it getting old after the third time playing through the game. There also feels to be little push back from the natives as you continue to press forward season after season slowly taking over their lands and their faith. Do they not have a god who is persuading them to convert other cities? Do their cities not grow and develop to meet their god's desires? Or is this game truly focused on monolatry, while there may be other gods, only one has any power and is worthy to be worshiped? It would be nice to feel a push and pull throughout the game and to see a unique team each time I play through the game to increase replay value.

That is all I have for now. I look forward to playing the game again, after I decide to get some actual work done. Great job creating a game that can effectively distract me from my other responsibilities!


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks for the write-up Distracted Monk! I've added it to my list of feedback to compile and turn into a plan for rebalancing / future developments.
I honestly agree with basically all your points of potential improvement, and will be looking to move in that direction as much as possible in the coming weeks & months. Creating a tech-tree might be a bit much, but I definitely think there's space for more choices when levelling up / more unique options depending on your Commandments!

Also.. I would love Disciple relationships to be a thing. I've made a note; but we do currently have bigger fish to fry! I hope to get back to it at some point, however!