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Stuck in first Disciple Initiations


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I got to the point where I could choose additional disciple initiates for the first time.

I only had 9 of the points needed for initiations, but one of those initiates was so good that he cost 12 points. I could not dismiss my current disciples as there seems to be a minimum of three so I chose the other two initiates wo were cheaper. Then I saw I could dismiss them ...

In the end I only had one possible initiate left which I could not afford and I also could not close the Initiation window or open the menu via escape etc. I actually had to alt-f4 out of the game.

Hope this helps.


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Not much help in this case, but for future reference, if you can't afford a great disciple, don't worry - you can always access and recruit (or retire exiting ones!) from previously available ones in the last Coming of Age with the button on the top-left in the village - so you can level up your god level a bit and then pick up the costly ones later.