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[Suggestion] Add an extra season to each year


If an extra season was to be added to each year, disciples would have 33% more time to gain experience in their lifetime.

That might not seem very necessary now (build 0.12.19), but I reckon it will after the Will of the People update.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with four seasons each year, is there? Might make for a convenient solution.

To top it off, new initiates could be presented with age 'childhood', which would only be set when they're entering your service (and then, possibly, from a slightly younger range)
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I meant to be saying you can inspect them in 'childhood' and then they're 18 years old or something like that when you initiate them.
Hm, that still sound worrying, doesn't it...

Not sure if 'teenage' would make it less so.
Suggestion was purely meant to focus on the game mechanics side of things tho :)


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maybe a different smaller, character-pool for the "children"?
these followers can not be used. except for one thing:

You can send them to school. (stay with me here) ;)

A new building "school" or "daycare" (or somehing like that) can be placed.
In the school you can choose the curriculum.
depending on what kind of god you play you could prep your young disciples to the "way of your god" or to what is needed for your roster.

curriculum ideas:
- gladiator: extra might
- philosophy: knowledge
- divine: devotion
- ...the other stats...

maybe add some rng to decide if they were a star student (max stat increase) to being a slackoff or dropout (no increase)

just an idea that popped into my head :p


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Sounds fun. If they dropout maybe just become a normal follower while success makes them a disciple at the right coming of age?