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Suggestion: Deeper Battles


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So this suggestion, is to try and fix to of the problems i think the game suffers from.
* Not feeling like there is a different in wining with violence or talking
* Battles feeling like a rock, paper, scissors mobile type game.

So right now, the goal of the battles is to get the opponents points down to zero before they get your points down to zero. And you do that by damaging your opponents heroes, which also damages their points.

In short my idea is to split it op, so that their are to ways of wining, either beating all their heroes or get their points down to zero. Where talking heroes deal damage to their points, as in convincing the masses, and warrior heroes only damages heroes, so wining by beating them into submission.

For this to work, the development of your religion would also need to be deepend. So when you build your religion, your chooses should also effect your flock, and not just your heroes. So things like lust or peace, would increase your points, while war is more focus on increasing your heroes power.

And then i would also give up on the insane damage bonus to specif colors. Because right now it is one of the things, which makes it feel like your not creating a religion. Because when you play the game, your are encouraged to pick the heroes which a strong, and counters the heroes of the factions your fighting at the moment, and not picking the ones which feels fit your religion. Instead of having the "counter system", work with an arbitrary bonus, have it work with damage types, armor types and stuff like that.

So why ideas for counters
Dark vs Nature: Dark has debuffs which lowers Cunning, which is what a lot of Nature heroes uses
Nature vs the Divine: Diviners chould be slow, and not have armor
Divine vs Ancestral: Ancestral could not have anything which defends against talking heroes.
Ancestral vs Life: Life might have a lot of armor, and Ancestral could have armor piecing heroes.
Life vs Dark: Lifes hereos have alot of defense against Debuffs aswell.


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Abbey Games Developer
Very cool ideas here Bjarked. Definitely added these to my list.

I definitely want to skew the combat to be less about just taking advantage of Rock Paper Scissors. Look forward to that sooner rather than later!
I like your idea of building some extra separation between physical skills and morale ones. I'm not committing to anything, but I've definitely written it down. Thanks for inspiring me!

I hope to hear your thoughts again when we start patching in new balance changes Bjarked, this was really helpful!
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i like the combat idea where u differ from hitting someone and convince them very much in two different bars

At least some way to hugly make physical damage and convicing someone differ from each other.

the top bar isnt just life right? its followers right? and if u damage the enemies diciples they lose follower right? what about to vizusalise that? if i get a 20 "follower hit" they should switch the sides and move across the battle field or something^^
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Agree wholeheartedly on the different damage bars. It also has the advantage of making the decision about whether to specialize in one damage type more relevant. E.g. do I take adavantage of good synergies like rally plus physical or do I fully commit?


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I'd like to mention that you can win by knocking out all three opponents - just there's no Sacrament where the Religion HP is bigger than the combined spirit of all their Disciples currently. (This was an option in previous beta builds) - I'd definitely like to see this return as an option to beat some of the tactical puzzles!

I also like the idea of physical and morale being distinctly different beyond just the War/Peace options (even if those are restricted by Kind/Violent somewhat, it's basically the same currently - more physical kind or morale Violent attacks would be nice as options). Another fun way to approach that is to have the various buff/debuff effects be related to Morale/Physical attacks, so things that disable enemies directly (Stun, stat reductions, etc) would work well as Physical, while buffs for your own team would work well for Morale attacks - nothing like encouraging your team with a convincing argument!

Obviously, that could feel quite limiting on its own, but that can be made up for with the various class/relic passives: introduce passives that give similar effects when their conditions are met that would normally be restricted to physical/morale types.

Also love the idea of seeing the enemy followers or (hopefully less often!) your own moving back and forth as the religion awe shifts. Would understand if that's a bit tough for the engine, mind you. Maybe after the Sacrament they could all rush over to whichever side won like fans rushing a football field, etc.


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Would add that it'd also make the classes even more unique and interesting if they all specialise in particular buff/debuff powers in some of their passives.