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[Suggestion] Different endings / Epilogue options and Eras mechanics


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I have played both Reus and Renowned Explorers and I really like these games. Recently I have bought Godhood and was able to finish it twice already. I really enjoy it so far, however it is a bit lackluster in few areas. With that experience in mind, I think that I may have some suggestion that could help improve the game. Of course it might be that you are already planning something along these lines and I do have faith in your ability to develop the game but I thought I would propose it anyway.

I really liked the replayability of your previous games. For example in Reus your developments from past games unlocked new materials that allowed your future games to reach further. In REIS one could unlock new crew captains with their abilities and campfire stories providing unique bonuses. Also the replayability was even higher because every time you played, you could have selected different expeditions and the whole campaign consisted of 5 expeditions.

In line with these features and in combination in the factors that shaped real life religions I would like to propose two things that could potentially improve Godhood further:
1) I can see that there is some kind of era mechanism in the game but so far it does not do anything and if it does something it is mostly connected with letting you know that you have less time to finish so it was strictly negative. However every religion goes through different cycles with new eras. Christianity in Roman times was way different religion than during Renaissance and even more different during XIX century. Eras could be used here to provide some bonuses and some challenges as your religion exists in different reality. Indeed eras could work like separate expeditions in REIS, so that whole game would consist of 1 up to 4 eras depending on selected game length. And first era could end like the campaign does end at the moment - with defeating the previous most powerful deity.
2) But how would the previous era affect the next one? Well for this one could use the measure of what happened to the defeated religion, I think that there are 4 ways that can be used here:
A) The old God might become vilified as a demon or devil. This means that some people could still worship this Deity but their beliefs would take a far darker turn as probably only the disturbed individuals and somewhat edgy people would willingly follow the manifestation of Evil for their culture.
B) The new Deity can assimilate the old religion by supplementing the old Deity in the myths and folklore, rebranding old temples to some kind of Saints (previous disciples maybe?) and recycling old customs with new meaning.
C) The religion can go from typical monotheistic to more henotheistic approach with your God becoming the main one, but the previous one keeping some position within the religious pantheon.
D) The old religion followers might be hunted into extinction which could cause the old God to become completely forgotten, lose power and maybe become completely annihilated.

All these approaches could be either calculated from the actions during the era (as it was in case of attitude in REIS) or be just a decision in epilogue event.