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Suggestion for UI (everywhere)


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Few things worth being able to see on any given screen, be it sacrament, village, world-map, etc:

> Patch number. It's very easy to forget which patch a screenshot was in, and while in early access at least, I think it's important enough to be everywhere. Would even put it on the loading screen tbh. Would also help prevent confusion for anyone using DRM-free versions through GoG etc who may not have updated to the latest version if they encounter old issues that've been patched.
> Difficulty - similar reasons to above, particularly important when it comes to balancing
> Time Limit - doesn't need to be as prolific as the others above and not urgent now, but would be good to know on the village/world-map. I'm aware the Ages are there, but they just always cycle every 33 years regardless for some reason. You'd play differently for longer games than you would for shorter ones (when that becomes important)

On Saves:
> Commandments - Even if it's just the commandment symbol(s) on the God image or something.
> Patch number - when saved or an indicator if the game was from a previous patch (even better if it recorded which patch it was started in, but I'm aware that may not be easy to do if, for example, someone saves it again in the latest patch version)
> God HP - if there's a save where I'm basically about to fail, I'd like to know for easy deletion :p


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There's something like GOD HP?! *starts game* *searches frantically*
Oh it's a white bar under your god portrait with no indication just a mouseover tip.