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[Suggestion] Grant enemy deities attacking powers


I know, the (bit of )ingame lore says something about us being rather new gods in an allready quite old world.
Which explains why many of the other sites are more heavily guarded (luckily, always further away).
But I can't fathom why we are the only one who are able to attack others?
And also, why enemy gods manage to have so many disciples (I've seen sacrament sites with 6 disciples, thats my entire roster).
Good thing I can leave all conquered sites undefended as no one else knows how to attack.

Ok, a bit more seriously: wouldn't it be cool if enemy gods could attack as well? Both for the world cohesy and game play?

No need for entire sacrament battles off screen, just make it seem like they attack each other and sometimes take over a site.
And maybe attack the player from time to time, so that we are forced to select disciples before knowing who is attacking us
(and so experience the defending side of sacraments for a change).

Enemy armies could start out smaller and have a change to spawn a new one with a strength of, say, 50-150% of the players plus x per year played, or something like that.
Over time, armies can grow larger so are able to take over enemy sites.
That way the map grows into the same kind of map where armies further away from the player starting point are stronger, but just naturally and organicly so.

Also, would that be even doable within the current coding?
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Cool suggestions Tygoth; I like hearing these a lot!

Really simulating the world is very difficult in the framework we've built up so far. That being said, I absolutely would love for there to be more interaction with enemy gods; from getting attacked directly (resulting in a Sacrament you didn't start yourself) to sometimes converting one of the nodes you converted previously.

Like I said, this'd be quite hard, though. So I can't give any promises on specific implementation. But definitely, know this is on our mind for the future!
For now we are focussing on overhauling the basic city gameplay to be a bit more engaging first, though! :)


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loving this idea, seems natural. And whether this gets implemented or not. I'm throwing in some thoughts :D
pls note I know nothing about developing, programming, coding or the like. So I don't know what's possible/too complex or brings in way to many new factors etc.. As RickSo said, "this is quite hard". I just like the idea and would like to have a hypothetical discussion about it.

Defending becomes a whole new aspect, seeing if you get attacked on the same day as you are sending disciples out for a sacrament. You'll need others to defend. So maybe the other gods only attack you after you attracted your first new batch of disciples, or once you've reached a certain god lvl. (They don't take you seriously or view you as a threat in the beginning).

also gives the potential for a new building*. The Watchtower, if you build this you will get a heads up about what kind of and if and army is coming your way.

Maybe make the other gods less or more likely to attack you depending on your commandment or alignment.
For example if you went for the peace commandment. another peace god is less likely to attack you than a War god.

*Seeing the resources will get an overhaul and there was something mentioned in the question stream about using these resources to build buildings.
I'm guessing "city-building" won't be constricted to levelling anymore but something continuous (Maybe a "building suggestion topic" is an idea?)