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Suggestion: Let sky shards respawn on death?


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As title says .. That is one quick fix to the limited amount, it will also mean that getting your hands on one will be really valuable .. could also make a event that you have to pay for to recover them .. unless we get a place to farm them?


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Limited amount nothing. I had 34 sky shards from just having every new acolyte get to Ecstatic and doing a market miracle. You almost always get a shard that way, which I was gonna say... BREAKS the game.


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Yeah, that's a dumb thing. Definitely needs removing.

**Looks pointedly at Adriaan** Remember what happened when you gave me infinite skyshards in Beta? :p


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Just wanna say: I like the idea of regaining the shards of dying disciples. It could be framed as them being infused with some of our divine power. That would explain:
- why we get it back when they die
- why we can influence them through it
- earning them means just us, the deities, getting strong enough to infuse them with the power