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Suggestion: Make the Prophet start with 1 ability and 1 ability point instead of 2 abilities


I know that randomness is obviously part of the game, but I feel like having two completely random abilities at game start is frustrating more than anything else. Especially for classes that have an off-type attack, because you're going to rely a LOT on type advantage during the early game (at least on the higher difficulties) and if you put your Cultist against a Beastwalker, you're going to expect good Dark damage to get you through the fight, and a random Aberrant Growth at a bad time could very well cost you the fight. And in this case it's even worse because you're putting a morale class against a class that has virtually no morale defense but high physical Evasion so you might just whiff completely instead.
Especially since in practice, what I do is just restart until I don't have any useless ability anyway, which is just tedious but Madness Impossible is difficult enough without gimping myself by starting with unreliable abilities on my only good Disciple.

If you don't want to give an AP because you don't want players to have access to level 2 abilities that early, then I suppose there could be other ways to achieve a similar result but I don't think it's that "problematic" because starting with one very-strong ability and four basic ones will make the Prophet more unreliable, nullifying one of his current strengths in return for a potentially big pay-out sometimes (but not necessarily when you really need it). And there are a ton of things that can and should be nerfed on the player's side (the insane Generosity relic, for starters, as well as Heavenly Art) before worrying about the Prophet in my opinion.
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