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Suggestions: Buildings


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Quick thought for the buildings: when you select to build one, could any that we've already built not be shown on the list, or highlight the remaining ones or something? I know it shows you if you have the materials, but I'd like to be able to see which I've still got left to build when I'm working on the resources for them too.


Unless we will be able to build more of the same buildings eventually.
Although I guess that's not as badly needed anymore with the new old 3-actions-per-turn restriction.


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Another suggestion:
There is no distinct visual element between Resource, Rituals, Miracles and Sacrament buildings (I don't know if there are more types, because I'm still in the beginning).
Sometimes, I feel that I'm clicking through all buildings to find the one I want to upgrade/check, and if the types of buildings were easily identified, then it would be more immediate and the player wouldn't feel so lost in the Holy Site screen.

I suggest something like color code the ground beneath the buildings (which may not be the best option for color blind people, but I can't think of anything else). I'm using the Dark theme, so maybe it's only a problem of this theme.