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1. Make the maps random. I've played as 4 gods now, and the map has always been the same.

2. Make more story options at the start than "guy lost in a god battle and swears to come back to squash the old town". Have them be random OR chosen, i'd experiment with both and see what the fans like.

3. The 3 actions limit has some issues. When you have 3 prophets being active and the other 5 being static, I feel like i'm not getting my gameplay's worth when I've got so many idle guys lying around. I'd like my guys all able to do something, maybe minor tasks can be assigned to them so it doesn't feel like i'm losing out on gameplay? Maybe the "favorites" can get faith bonuses for you choosing them and the guys who get relegated to say, cleaning out huts starts to question his faith? Just some thoughts.

4. Ok. So I spend like 6 sky stones to make the perfect killing machine... and then because I used up a miracle, my +3 attack gets randomly replaced with a lv 1 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ attack that doesn't even go with my build?!?!? I thought miracles were supposed to be MAGICAL, not detrimental! Sometimes you get punished for leveling up your prophet!!! Not cool, devs.

5. More story options.

6. 40 years of age is too soon for a prophet to get old and lose stats. Let my boys live a little longer so I can enjoy them a little longer. Hell, make it so some die out young! You know, make my guys a little more... human? More relatable? In REIS, you had 20+ characters all with huge personalities that were so fun to play and relate to... i'd like my prophets to be a little more like that!
RIght now they feel like robots whom I have to retire at the age of 40 so my 16 year old guys can take their job.

7. More diversity in the relics. I ended up with 20-30 useless books I couldn't even equip on anyone, and I can't burn them, sell them, desynth them for points, they just lie there collecting dust... and all of them are +10 faith and +1 random stat type items which seems like a waste.

8. More rival gods, and having to defend your territory. Right now, I know that if I invade a spot, it stays invaded. It's kinda...sad.
I want to curse at my computer and toss a keyboard at some point because some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ rival god took my 'good' spot. It would add to the whole "you're competing" feel. Right now it's like i'm just waiting to get to 1000 followers so I can complete my puzzle and go to sleep rather than "I NEED TO GET TO 1000 BEFORE THAT OTHER GOD DOES OR I LOSE!" making an actual game over possible, like in REIS when things dont go your way.

9. Make the spots you invade actually mean something. Right now, other than to level up my prophets and have them get to their miracles faster, there's no real reason to invade anywhere. I want to feel like there is a real advantage to invading one spot over another rather than "Well, this spot has 3 Druids, so I can easily destroy them with my 3 Weavers and get 10 followers!" This would make point #8 more important too; if I KNOW I'm getting X important resources from this spot, I'm gonna want to defend it more. This would also mean I'd have a use for those 5 prophets I got there sitting collecting dust.

10. As a quality of life thing... please make it so you can send all 3 of your guys on the same job with one click rather than having to click on the job icon and then having to click on the prophet. It seems you can eliminate dead air gaming time here with one simple quick option to choose multiple guys to do the same task.


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Abbey Games Developer
Replied to this over on Steam, but thanks for posting here, too! (I prefer this forum myself).
Definitely agree with a lot of your pain-points.