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Drag and drop when selecting fighers for the battles is a huge no for me, there was a tiny button before that you could press to instantly move a figher over, but now this have been removed (?) .. PLEASE don't have us move mouse to one tiny square to so drag it to another tiny square, a single click on the figher to move him to/away from the combat slot would have been more then sufficent.

Where you create your god, you can't use tab to go between the UI elements, will something like this be added? I think it was mentioned before..

On win10 after opening it, it uses the default program icon in the taskbar? shouldn't it use the game icon?
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Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey there!

There is an option to enable click buttons to use the old flow:

To remove a Disciple you still have to drag them out though. Thanks for reporting the icon missing as well.


Oh, that does indeed make the small buttons appear again.. sweet .. though it would be nice just to click the character icons instead to do it.

.. I did play the game a while after the first introduction of the skull system, that had me worried, but this new system was really enjoyable. (y)