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The Game Sprites Are Not There


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Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.22.55 PM.pngThe game sprites are not there. I bought this game from steam and downloaded it onto my MacOS laptop. Everything else works, the auto battler, the story etc. I have restarted the computer and tried to do the start up a new game multiple different times but nothing has worked.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hey there DerpLord,

We have a major issue with 2 specific Mac graphic drivers. We have no idea where it comes from, and after spending months trying to find it, we had to give up (also with our downscope in mind). It really sucks, because the game works fine for 90% of the machines.

Because of this, we removed the support for Mac and Linux, as you can see on your store page. If you encounter this issue, I would advise to refund the game! There is no say in whether this will ever be fixed after all our attempts. I hope I'm not to late, it seems this post has slipped past our support. :(

Again my apologies.