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The Godhood Kickstarter has succeeded! Now what?


Abbey Games Developer
Hey young gods!

Thank you all so much for your support during this Kickstarter. Because of your help backing and spreading the word, this Kickstarter's gone far beyond anything we could've hoped for! Thanks to all your support, the Kickstarter campaign for Godhood has succeeded!

Let's go over where we go from here.

Kickstarter Processing
Kickstarter will take up to two weeks to process the funds before it gets to us. As soon as everything checks out we'll get back to you with surveys through Kickstarter about your rewards. These will contain:
  • Which platform you want to receive digital rewards (Steam or GOG).
  • How you'd like to appear in the credits.
  • If you have access to the alpha periods, we'll need your proper credentials to give you said access.
  • if you backed on tiers allowing you to name / design content: specifics of your design-ideas.
For all rewards goes: we'll send them over to you as soon as we have your necessary info AND when the rewards are done. This means you can expect keys for Renowned Explorers and Reus (if you backed €20,- or more) within a day after you've filled out your questionnaire, Closed Alpha acces in our next alpha update (which is late March), a key for the Early Access release when it hits Steam and GOG in July and all the other rewards at a later time, as soon as we're done with them.

To summarise:
  • It can take up to two weeks before we get back to all backers with questionnaires about their rewards.
  • We'll send over rewards as soon as we have all the necessary info from these questionnaires AND as soon as the relevant rewards are available (this differs per reward)
Late Backing

You can now visit www.godhoodgame.com for Late Backing options for the Godhood Kickstarter!
Let's go over some details regarding late backing:
  • You can pledge for the €25, €40 and €80 reward tiers.
  • Late pledges won't be processed before we start processing Kickstarter pledges (which may take up to two weeks from now).
  • It may take up to two business days to get back to you with a relevant questionnaire to sort out your rewards.
  • Late Backing pledges still count towards the Stretch Goal of the two extra disciple classes!
  • Late Backing will be possible, at least until Godhood goes into Early Access in July.
Update Schedule
With this Kickstarter we've now fully committed to making Godhood the greatest godgame it can be, and keeping our backers and fans in the loop on its development. The game will go into Early Access in May. We commit to keeping you posted on it's development and the development of the Kickstarter content (ancient eldritch god!) until that point and after.


  • We'll post a short update on development every week on Wednesdays on this forum and on Kickstarter.
  • We'll update the game build with every full moon; that's every month. Check an on-line calendar (or the sky!) for exact dates. We'll deviate a little bit every now and then for practical reasons, but you can anticipate an update as the moon shines brightest! ;)
  • That means there are four updates to the Alpha: coming in March, April, May and in June.
  • July is the moment the game goes into Early Access, after that we'll keep updating the game along this schedule
  • With every game update - so with every full moon! - we'll also do a live stream in which we go through what has changed in the game.
Places To Be
With the Kickstarter we've also gained another on-line platform where the Godhood community assembles. Since we don't have dedicated community manager we want to be as clear as possible on what you can expect from us on these platforms. Here goes:
  • This Community Forum: our very own place on the internet. You can expect us to post all the aforementioned updates here first. We also commit to reading and responding (if necessary) to everything that happens on this forum.
  • The Godhood Kickstarter Page: the place for Kickstarter backers to gather and keep in touch with development. We'll post all the aforementioned updates here as well and will of course respond to any questions our devoted Kickstarter backers may have!
  • The Abbey Games Discord: we're here chatting along a lot of the time and we'll post links to updates as soon as they go out. Given the very fast nature of Discord we can't guarantee that we catch everything that happens there, though.
  • The Godhood Steam Page: we'll repost links to our updates here and try to check back every now and then. But we can't guarantee that we'll answer your questions or respond to your reports here.
  • The Abbey Games Subreddit: a new platform, that spawned out of the activity spike around Godhood on Reddit. We try to keep it as up to date as possible, by at least reposting all the updates of the forum. So we'll be there at least once a week. Given the nature of Reddit, it's not the best place to make sure you're heard though.
  • Abbey Games on Twitter: we like to tweet! There, we said it. But even more so than Reddit and even Discord, Twitter is a very fleeting platform. Messages get lost in the flood easily and we're not checking our Twitter all day everyday so if you want to be sure that you reach us it's probably not the best option.
  • Abbey Games on Twitch: This is where we stream! At least with every update to the game and maybe even more often.
  • The Abbey Games newsletter: every now and then, with a major release or a milestone like this Kickstarter, we'll send out a newsletter to all subscribers of the list. If you just want the utmost important news concerning Godhood, this is the place to go.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please send us a message (either as a comment or kickstarter message) and we'll get back to you.
We'll be back with another update next week with more details on development of the next alpha build!

Thank you all so so much for making this Kickstarter a success. We could not have done it without you!

- Joni (& Rick!)


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