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This tier List is updated for the Tenets and Traditions patch hotfix 3. I've separated the Tradition list on two groups, Power and Economy. Power Traditions are traditions that develop your stats permanently, and Economy traditions are the ones that mostly give you more materials, more offerings, and temporary buffs. So, without further ado, here's the Tier list!

Power Traditions:

S: Carnival

This is the absolute strongest Power tradition. It develops Charisma and Cunning for all disciples and gives permanent +1 happiness to boot. It has a fantastic synergy with both the Songsmith and the Lust Priest, but can be used on a variety of builds. Albeit it has a 200 offering cost, being at a 5 mission cooldown means you can easily farm it.

A: Burials, Heavenly Art, School of Philosophy

Burials is very close to Carnival, developing the Health of all disciples 1x for 100 offerings with a 3 turns cooldown. In addition, it has a small bonus to economy by giving extra tribute chests when a disciple dies, which should not be that frequently. What knocks it from being S tier is the -3 temporary happiness you gain when using its action. Heavenly Art is another very strong action, giving a cumulative +1 to all stats per action to your new acolytes, helping your new generation to become very strong very quickly. Lastly, School of Philosophy is another all-around powerhouse, giving extra Knowledge scaling to all your Reason abilities, free offerings (in the form of free XP and a new ability), and more followers.

B: Baptism, Ecstatic Salvation

Two faith boosters that aren't that hot by themselves, but can work together with another Power tradition to help mitigate faith debuffs. While not as strong as the first picks, they are very good when combined with traditions like Cannibalism, Holy Marriage, Burials or Carnival. They are niche picks that you should get if you're in need of Faith, but not as game-defining as the S and A-tier picks.

C: Cannibalism, Holy Marriage, Holy Judge

These are the worst Power traditions. Cannibalism is a weaker version of Ecstatic Salvation, and while it can give slightly more development overall (in 6 missions you can do 3 cannibalisms, for a total of 1.5 development for Might, Health and Cunning, and you can do 2 Ecstatic Salvations for a total of 4 Cunning development), the faith difference kills it. Holy Marriage is a very strong ability - one of the strongest development ones, but the fact it can only be used on the holy spouse means the faith debuff spirals out of control if you abuse it. Those two traditions, however, can be used very efficiently if used with faith boosters like Baptism, Ecstatic Salvation or Animism. Holy Judge, on the other hand, can't. Sitting at the bottom of the power tradition list, Holy Judge tries to do much and accomplishes very little. Its neither a reliable economy booster, providing too little for great costs, nor a great power booster, being as limited as Holy Marriage in terms of selection, while at the same time not empowering the Holy Judge as powerfully or as often as the Holy Spouse can.

Economy Traditions:

S: Cult of Silence

Cult of Silence sits on a unique position. It is one of the strongest economy Traditions simply by being the only one that gives one of the most (if not the most important) resource in the game: Development points. If that wasn't good enough, it also buffs Divine and Dark disciples simply for being there and can be used to teach Silence, a very good ability with high damage and a dazing utility. Overall a superb tradition.

A: Champion of Faith, Hermit Pilgrimage

These abilities are strong and share one theme amongst them: having next to no cooldown. Hermit Pilgrimage is strong for the impressive amount of offerings it offers when you use it: between the 8 XP and the 2 ability points thats a huge return on your 100 offering investment. The fact that you can use it every mission makes it almost S-Tier. Champion of Faith is also very strong, as it gives lots of materials almost every single sacrament, and the 100 offering action are almost equal to using 2 dream points on each disciple, a huge return on your investment.

B: Human Sacrifices

Human Sacrifices is another great tradition, giving a nice action (a morale action that decreases physical defense, making it great for all playstyles) and a good amount of tribute chests.The fact that Human Sacrifices is also free makes it stand solidly on B tier.

C: Just New World, War Slaves, Community Elder, Grand Aberration, Animism

Just New World is not weak per se, but the high cost (remove all ritual progress) and high cooldown bring it back a couple notches. In the end, its not a bad tradition, but you'll see it happen so few times it ends up being a bit meh since the effect is not that remarkable. If you're going to do a big cooldown ability like that, give it a really flashy effect - Carnival is a nice (maybe too nice?) example. War Slaves and Community Elder suffer from the same problem. They're also great economy boosts, but they require either a repeatable or the Elder joining (and its bad fervor regen) to run. Animism is a great Faith booster if you rely on Nature Spirits, and the +20% stat bonus along with Fervor regen is a steal at the low price of 50 offerings. While all these effects are strong, Animism feels more suited as a support Tradition, to help you use other traditions (like Champion of Faith or Cannibalism) more eficiently. Grand Aberration is a weaker version of Human Sacrifice, as it gives a worse action and less tribute chests. All in all, they're mediocre abilities: not bad, not great.

D: Idol, Turn the Other Cheek, Might Makes Right

Now we enter the realm of the actually bad traditions. Idol is a weaker version of Champion of Faith, as they give almost the same economy buff, but Champion buffs you while Idol permanently debuffs your faith. Turn The Other Cheek is a strong effect, but it 1) swaps your physical abilities with a basic ability with minor scaling; and 2) does not actually help to gain Grace Abilities, so you need to use lots of Ability Points to gain the economy buff. All in all, it constrains your build path a lot for either few bonuses on the early game or a big payoffs in a moment you don't actually need them that much. Lastly, Might Makes Right is the worst of the Faith boosters as its economy boost is quite mediocre due to its bigger cooldown and the faith bonus does not come attached to neither Fervor regen (like Animism or Baptism) nor stat devlopment (like Ecstatic Salvation, or, again, Baptism).

E: Doom Prophecy

The worst tradition of all, Doom Prophecy does too little for too much of a cost. If Idol wasn't bad enough, Doom Prophecy is a worse version of Idol. Avoid this one like the plague.

As any Tier List, this is a personal opinion. Agree? Disagree? Lets discuss the traditions together!

EDIT 08/07/20: Changed Animism, Might Makes Right and Grand Aberration's ranking after the feedback from Blackvision
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Ok, here it comes! I am not going to split between economic/power, as many affect both. You will find some surprises, but not that many.

A, "Give me the good, but I do not want drawbacks"
Animism. 20% stat boost is okay, fervour is situationally nice and the offerings are fine, though offset to some extent by the cost. Comes with a hidden +20% nature damage from a special, free building you get after adopting the tradition. Should be B, but has no drawbacks!
Baptism. Economy, faith and stat boost with no cost.
Cult of Silence. Not S, because it gives no direct benefits and requires setting up, but eventually works great. I am not sure if one can start with this one, but I would not take it as the first tradition.
Carnival. Scales two great stats on all disciples, increases happines, morale hit is not so bad. Some guys will receive debuffs for one round, which can be annoying. I know that tier A was not supposed to have drawbacks, but I promise I will not make more exceptions.
Champion of faith. Solid boosts to both economy and power with no drawbacks.
Ecstatic Salvation. Extra cunning will let your disciples go first, material boost is very good and faith boost is always awesome.
Grand Abberation. Chest boost is decent, but the military power is awfully good.

B, "I do not mind some drawbacks if it is good"
Community Elder. As the assignment has 15 rounds cooldown, faith hit is brutal at the end. Still, the chests and god power are amazing.
Idol. Economic powerhouse, one of the strongest and scales using charisma, not knowledge. Faith hit is survivable.
Cannibalism. No economy boost, hits your faith, but militarily this tradition helps a lot and the action is free.
Hermit Pilgrimage. Knowledge requirement makes it unsuitable for some disciples. No economic benefits. It ends up in B, because the boost is damn good.
Holy Marriage. Prepare for absurd amount of offerings and an unbreakable mind. Also... deal with spouse's moods.
War Slaves. Sure, there are some penalties, but the income from extra chests boosts economy to the point where you can afford anything. Just do these repeatable missions once in a while. The ranking depends on the difficulty (due to happiness boosts) - from A on easy to C on hard.

C, "I want to commit to something unusual"
Burials. The skill takes too long to shine to be higher, but you will see it paying off (eventually). As a second tradition, can be amazing if you were already scaling health.
Human Sacrifices. Three extra chests every three missions is ok, but if you can commit to 6 disciples of two types, it gets really good!
(not tried) Just New World. Looks nice on paper, but losing progress hurts in a long term. This is obviously meant to be used in boss battles, but it's really unappealing everywhere else.
(not tried) School of Philosophy. This has a chance to be decent, but has no economical benefits and is tied to knowledge, which normally comes last after charisma and devotion.

D, "I have some time and patience"
Heavenly Art. The cost is awful (and higher every time!). You will not see any benefits for a long time. Although new followers come with extra stats, they get them in all categories I do not care about. It also seems that morale penalty from apathy is directly related to stats, meaning that every stat you do not need makes your follower also less happy. Lastly, the unique 20k temples come quite late anyway and are an additional money sink. I suppose that this skill may move to C in full game, but for now I take it only if I am in a very strong position.
Holy Judge. Really tricky to setup with temporary (loss of skills for a fight) and permanent drawback (loss of fight). Needs skill setup. Boosts only one follower. Chests are ok.

E, "I will walk an extra mile to prove these can work":
(not tried) Turn the Other Cheek. Messes with your skills. Forces to use (=learn!) specific skills. Quite long cooldown.
Might makes Right. God, as if disciples did not hate you enough. Luckily the chests come free and at least one guy will be happy.

F, "I am so good, I can beat the game with these"
Doom Prophecy. You will regret taking it the first time your disciple does not act in a turn, then you will cry when he stands idle in the second turn. Hey, at least you did not spend anything on the god action.


We figured out a list (and much more information) on the Abbey Games discord. It is here for you to see:
This is great, thanks!
(PS- tenets not tenants!)

Ok, here it comes! I am not going to split between economic/power, as many affect both. You will find some surprises, but not that many.
Holy Judge has a strange economy boost attached, where your "judged" disciple need not participate in the missionto add chests. So you can have a disciple with fear abilities just sitting around, adding 2 chests every 3 rounds. Loses faith though, so similar to Com Elder.
I think Turn the Other Cheek, which is a hard debuff with few benefits, should be combined with Holy Judge somehow. They seem like two half-parts of the same fantasy.