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Twitch stream times


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Hey Abbey,

Just wanted to check what time you're planning ot stream this week? Keen to try and catch one if the timing can workout over this side of the world.
Loving the look of the game, super keen to watch more and finally play it some point.



Abbey Games Developer
Hey Nighteyes! There are actually a few different streams planned this week:

Wednesday 27/2/2019: 7PM CET (Twitch Gameplay Stream)
Thursday 28/2/2019: 7PM CET (Twitch Gameplay Stream)
Friday 1/3/2019: 9AM CET (Kickstarter Live AMA Stream)

Hope to see you there :)


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Sweet. Cheers Rutger,
I'll have to try and get up early for one of them. Hopefully I can make the Fri stream too, have to see how work goes.


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Sweet Stream guys, Only caught the Wed Stream and was defenitly half asleep for it cause all I remember was you getting owned by the Elders until the convient 'forgetting' to remove the invinciblity 'bug'. :'D

Super keen to watch more (actually watching the Thurs one now) and keen to play it too.
Keep up the good work!