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UI issue: no cancel button

Sandy Shades

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As it stands currently, I have found no button or hotkey to cancel a task (inspire, build, etc.) and return to the village screen. I used to circumvent this by clicking the map button and then returning to the village. However, since the building overhaul, this has become a real issue when you are not able to build anything. Since there are no interactive buttons when you have insufficient resources, you are stuck in a terminal state in the UI. The only way to return to the village is by exiting the game and reopening again, which discourages me to try out the game further. I have attached a screenshot of this state. A solution would be to add a clearly visible cancel button to all task screens.

I am running the game on Mac OS 10.14.6. If you guys need any clarification on this issue or can point out to me that I have blatantly overlooked an already available button or hotkey, feel free to reach out to me.



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I think in your example, you can right click at any spot except for the menu. That's how it works in Windows at least. I think I saw a mention from the devs recently stating that they are aware of the interface inconsistency.

Sandy Shades

New member
You're right, thanks dude! I'm playing on a MacBook, so right clicking doesn't come natural. That makes it a UX rather than a UI issue.
I have also had this problem. It feels so weird to right click to cancel, especially since right click seemed to issue commands in Renowned Explorers (if memory serves).

I also keep hitting the escape key impulsively, because that's such a natural "cancel" button, but that's never the cancel button I need it to be when I'm in the middle of issuing a command.

I realize I'm at fault for not giving the right command, but consistency would go a long way toward a positive play experience. At least please add the escape key as a way to cancel; I seem to recall that many mac mice don't have right click buttons. It's not super high priority (I realize we're still in early access, and early in early access), but it would help with the polish, if you have a parking lot/wishlist for "polish" goals.


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We've reworked this flow a bit in the upcoming version, now both right click and escape work for closing actions and UI, and more consistently across all sorts of UI.