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Update #1: Will of the People


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer

It's the first update for Godhood: "Will Of The People"!
Our goal for this update was to add more strategy & choices and increase the challenge of Godhood.
In order to meet this goal, we're introducing a number of brand new features!

  1. Worshipper Enthusiasm: Keep your flock happy!
    Your worshippers now have Enthusiasm about your religion, which will gradually fade. The only way to pump it up to being Satisfied again is by showing off your might in the Sacrament! Wait too long, and your worshippers will turn Impatient or even Skeptical, which will trigger new events which are generally quite bad for your religion!


    However, you can gain an advantage from Enthusiasm, as well! Go on a Sacrament while your flock is Excited to increase your Awe Points (the Sacrament HP bar) by 50%! But of course, you could also collect precious resources just a little while longer, at the risk of your worshippers turning skeptical...​
  2. Holy Tribute: Sanctify your resources!
    This new resource mechanic goes hand in hand with Enthusiasm! When you gain resources they are placed in your Tribute. To actually use these resources, they must first be sanctified in the Sacrament! If you win the Sacrament, you not only gain your collected Tribute, but also the Tribute put up by your opponent! If you lose the Sacrament, your opponent will take some of your Tribute!

    How big a Tribute will you take to your Sacraments? Will you keep collecting until your worshippers are Impatient in order to gain even more winnings from your Sacraments?

  3. Updated Faith Mechanics: Manage your fickle flock!
    Disciples' Faith now works on a scale of 0 to 100 and will gradually decrease over time. Victory in the Sacrament, awesome miracles and certain events or Relics will increase Faith, but loss in the Sacrament or your worshippers low Enthusiasm might lower it as well!

    This means Faith plays a much larger role in the game. Your Disciples might even leave your religion if their Faith gets too low!

  4. Prayer Mechanic: Listen to your Disciples' Prayers!
    This new mechanic has a big influence on Disciples' Faith. Every once in a while, your Disciples will pray to you about wanting certain things: victory in the Sacrament or the opportunity to perform a great miracle. Ignore these, and their Faith will decrease more quickly. Listen to their Prayers and you will find their Faith increases quite a bit!

  5. New Construction Mechanics: You choose what to build!
    Using the new resource Materials you now choose what you want to build using the build menu. As you level up your God Level, you'll unlock even more options, but be sure to keep collecting Materials to expand your holy site and upgrade your buildings!


  6. 8 new support buildings: Expand your Holy Site!
    To make all these new mechanic work, we added many new buildings! Raise Disciples' Faith at the Pledging Altar, train their XP at the Study Grounds or increase their physical defenses at the Symbol of Physical Fortitude! Level up to unlock and explore all these options.

  7. 4 new Commandment buildings: Bathe at the bathhouse ! Train at the colosseum!
    Each Commandment unlocks an additional support building. You'll find that your Lust disciples can gather many Worshippers at the Bordello, but it will leave them real tired. Try them all!

  8. New final island: Challenge Quetzalcoatl!
    The World Map has received a bunch of balance changes. The final island, home of radiant god Quetzalcoatl, has especially gone through a lot of changes. Your ability to beat the game won't just be determined by your ability to defeat Nature opponents; as you'll face many varied teams there.

  9. Difficulty Settings: How do you like to play?
    We've added Difficulty settings which scale the difficulty of the Sacraments. Can you beat Impossible mode? Or do you want to chill and expand your religion without a lot of set-backs on Easy difficulty?

    We recommend your first playthrough on Will of the People to be on Classic Difficulty!

There are many other changes, bug fixes and balance fixes!
See the detailed patch notes HERE.
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