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Update #2: (Old One Rising) [Wednesday 4th of September 2019, 15:00] (Build 0.14.1)


Abbey Games Developer
Update #2 introduces the new Madness commandment including all the content described below. Our main goal here is to add more content to the game so you can create different kinds of religions, and experiment with a broader strategical toolset, especially in the Dark elemental corner. We hardly changed any gameplay systems this update, so if you're waiting for that, please sit tight for our next update.

Update #2: (Old One Rising) [Wednesday 4th of September 2019, 15:00] (Build 0.14.1)

- You can now choose Madness as virtue at the start of the game.
- New Class: Cultist.
- New Building: Temple of Madness.
- New Building: Corrupting Grounds.
- New Dark Relic: Sacred Enfant
- New Dark Relic: Eye of the Darkbeast
- New Villager Style ‘Hooded’
- Harbinger Class, for all commandments to use
- New god customizations: 5 arms, 5 heads, 7 head accessories, 4 bodies
- 11 new Dedication statues

- The Weaver’s Mind Fog is limited to 3 stacks per target

- Fixed an issue where returning from a window would wrongly continue the next turn, skipping days unwanted.
- Addressed a number of performance issues, among which an issue that should reduce audio stuttering and memory issues.
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