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Update #4: Newfound Shores is here!


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Gods and Goddesses, our new update is finally here!
The "Newfound Shores" Milestone update is ready for you Early Access gods to play with! We're proud and excited to present this big step forward to you!

In short; we made huge improvements to the game and how it plays. Previously, we were not meeting the bar we set ourselves out to achieve. Thanks to you, both supporters and critics, we found ways to make steps forwards. For this update, we focused on the core playability of the game to lay a strong and fun foundation. We're happy with the result you can play now!


We're not done with Godhood yet, either! This update will be the base for our future work. If you'd like, you can inspect our Roadmap and give us some feedback.

Without further ado, here are the release notes!
  • Islands: Go to differently themed island to convert the unenlightened. Each island has different challenges and rewards. Collect the sunstones to become the one Truth!
  • Generosity: A new commandment for you to spread!
  • Human Sacrifice: A new tenet to play with!
  • Time & Turns: Pressure is removed from the game to make place for God Actions. You will now have a fixed (upgradeable) number of actions between Missions. Rituals either complete immediately or take a Mission to complete.
  • Dreams: Appear in the dreams of your Disciples to prepare them for coming challenges!
  • Rituals: You can now permanently improve your disciples with Rituals. They're not as effective as Miracles though.
  • City Management: There is now one, central, convenient place to build structures, upgrade them, or unlock classes.
  • Classes: Every commandment starts with 4 unlocked classes. You can unlock more with Materials.
  • Developments & Followers: Followers unlock some buildings, and will be important for the end game and your high score. Developments slowly unlock as you complete Missions or when you collect Development Sparks.
  • Crystal Skulls: You have much more Crystal Skulls, and more chances to upgrade and replenish them. The more crystal skulls you have when you complete a mission, the more rewards you can choose from!
  • Sacrament Conversion: Instead of depleting an Awe bar, there are now two other ways of victory:
  • converting half or more of the crowd with your glory.
  • breaking all opponents. Violence works best here.
  • When a Disciple is broken, that faction loses 30% of it's converts in the Sacrament.
  • Broken: A broken character loses a bond. Once a characters loses all 3 bonds, they leave your religion.
  • Ability Styles: Abilities now have a style of conversion, like Fear or Grace. Disciples have a preferred conversion style, and are more likely to learn these abilities. Some passives already work with it, but it will become more important in the future...
  • Offerings: You can spend offerings to improve the effect of your actions!
  • Tutorial: Game comes with an improved tutorial.
  • Development Trees: Development trees are more balanced, and have more options.
  • Big Miracles: The commandment miracles have special effects.
  • Music: Some new music has been added.
  • Adoption: Converting a whole island will give you the chance to adopt one of their tenets.
  • Upgrades: There are many, many more and better upgrades. e.g. upgrade the amount of XP you get from a Sacrament, or what kind of dreams you can give to your Disciples.
  • Many More: Many more smaller changes!
  • So much that I don't know where to begin. The Mac/blocked text bug is still there though, unfortunately. :(
Have criticism or ideas for the game going forward? Please leave them in one of our forums! Enjoying where the game is going? You can help us out with a review or a kind word. :)

We hope you'll enjoy the update, and are looking forward with us to the future of Godhood!

- The Monks from the Abbey
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Patch notes for hotfixes 16.4 and 16.8, published on March 1, 18:05 CET.
  • Added some nice clouds to the New Island animation.
  • Removed the option to switch to the city while selecting a new island, preventing crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when you wanted to do a Madness Miracle but didn't have the required offerings.
  • Fixed the Thorny Rose relic.
  • Fixed the Food Kitchen "Community Elder" passive.
  • Fixed the "Forbid Sorcery" special enemy passive (was working as intended, but the text was wrong.)
  • Fixed some higher level abilities that were still using the old system.
  • Fixed that autosaves were created in between sacraments of the same mission, resulting in unusable/crashing autosaves.
  • Fixed a crash when triggering Honor Duel or Fierce Duel from the War commandment developments.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Sacrificial Temple.
Thanks for sending us crash reports when the game crashes, and reporting other issues through these forums, our Discord or the Steam forums. It helps us fix those quickly :)