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Update #5: Righteous Rituals has arrived!


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Hey young gods! Hopefully you're all safe and healthy.

Today, we're happy to bring you another update for Godhood! Due to the great positive response to our last update, we've decided to supercharge our update schedule. Today, as a bit of a surprise maybe, we continue our efforts to make Godhood shine!
With this update we're further improving the quality of Godhood on all fronts, while preparing ourselves for our next big update! The key features are:

  • Ritual Customization: Help developing the rituals your Disciples choose to bring you glory, and them strength!
  • Fervor: Disciple use Fervor to do missions. Carry-over HP is removed
  • Martyrs: You can make your Disciples suffer for extra converts in Sacrament!
  • All New Passives: A serious rehaul of the passives of ALL classes. More than 30 new passives, and countless new strategic options arise!
  • Blessings: Gain one-time powers to trigger an event to change your Disciples with small stories
  • Flow Improvements: We improved the way some UI changes were handled
  • Assignment Faith Bonus: Every time you're in your Holy City, three random disciples will gain faith bonuses if assigned. They need to feel special!

  • Miracle buildings now scale in cost and required followers to unlock. Choose wisely!
  • It's now easier to train disciples in stats for which they have talent.. and harder for those who are challenged
  • You can now send old Disciples to their last pilgrimage, giving you more control over how aging affects you
  • All versions of the first two islands have received a good amount of love
  • Nice little connecting lines have been added to the Island Map
  • Executioner now scales on Health instead of Cunning
  • Cultist now scales on Might instead of Cunning
  • The Patron Saint Development's options are now more expensive
  • Updated the Tutorial a bit
  • Special battles trigger special music!
  • Disciples' clothes are now colored by their elemental attunement
  • You can now inspect disciples during stories where you need to choose among them
  • UI in the Sacrament was changed to make it easier to read important information

  • Altruism giving the Temple of Peace
  • Cook's Nurse ability is now actually Divine
  • Fixed the naming of some abilities
  • Probably fixed a bug where miracles were not upgraded properly
  • Fixed "Fasting" description
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't pick an upgrade even when you had the resources for it
  • Fixed some Passives and Totems
  • Fixed many more UI issues
  • You can delete incompatible Save Games again.

We will continue improving Godhood further and work on the roadmap presented before! We always appreciate your feedback, and hopefully have shown to try to work with it. You can help us out improving Godhood even more by playing the game and giving us your feedback!

We hope you'll enjoy playing this new version as much as we did!

Kind Regards,
- The monks from the Abbey
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