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Update #6 Sneak Peak: Improvements Showcase


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hello young Gods,

We are a week into testing our new update, and we've been overwhelmed by all the positive responses! There is still plenty to fix, but you can expect the Tenets & Traditions update to arrive soon! Until then, let us dive into some of the other changes we made. There are too many to list them, so we'll go over the ones we think deserve some attention!


Always thought it was weird when people were cheering when playing Madness? So did we! From next update on, the crowd will react to your style and commandment. Strike fear into their hearts, make them drop down in awe, or DESTROY your opponents with FACTS and LOGIC to make them all nod in agreement.

Stat Ranking
Stat Ranking is a new mechanic that looks small at first, but will give you a much smoother core game experience. The stat of a Disciple now has two parts: Value and Rank. The Value we all know; it's the number on which everything scales. e.g. More Health means more armor and more damage from your Guardian abilities!
The Rank of a stat is represented by a letter, going from 'F' all the way up to 'S'. When the value of a stat reaches a certain threshold, your Rank in that stat goes up. A higher rank gives instant big bonuses depending on the stat. For example, raise your "devotion" from 19 to 20, and you'll go up to Rank D. This will give an instant +10 Morale Armor!

When selecting Rituals to boost your stats, keep an eye for the arrow that indicates a Rank Up!

This seemingly small change breaks up the stat part of the game into nice chunks. Previously it could be hard to see the difference between your Disciples before and after a training. With a Rank Up, you'll know for sure that your Disciple has become a lot stronger!

Relic Choice
A neat new feature that hasn't made it to the beta yet, is Relic Choice. Instead of getting a random relic, you can select the Relic as a symbol of your succesful mission! The relics will be a bit common at first. In the future, they'll be more dependent on the islands you convert. This might sound familiar for Renowned Explorer fans out there!

Content: Hermit Pilgrimage
One of the 20+ Traditions you can adopt is the Hermit Pilgrimage. To unlock it, you'll need a chaste and enlightening Tenet. Maybe something like meditation?
This tradition lets you send out a Disciple to find themself on a trip to Bali. This action will cost you offerings, and the disciple will be unavailable for a while!

Off to find wisdom!

When the Disciple return, they will be wiser and more experienced. The Pilgrimage will grant them +8 XP and 2 Ability points. This is a great and flexible way to bring boost your Disciples - if you have the offerings to spare.

Elo returns with wisdom (and a beard)!

More to come!
This is just a showcase of a few of our favorite changes! Expect Tenets & Traditions to drop in your downloads soon! if you want to discuss more Godhood, leave your comments in the forums, or join us on our Discord! We hope you're excited for this new update!

- Greetings from the Abbey


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Our latest update was a great success! We've seldomly had so many people positively engaged with Godhood before! Thanks for all the feedback and support! We take this as an encouragement to make more interesting improvements to Godhood! So what can you expect from us in the coming months?
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