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Update #6 Sneak-peek: Temples and Rituals


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hello young gods!

Here we are with some new info on our upcoming update! This time, let's look at Miracles and Rituals! First, the old places like the Farm and Meditation Circle have been replaced by real temples.

For example, the Farm has been replaced by the Temple of Harvest. Around the temple, other buildings will pop up. The harvest temple encourages more farms to be build. The harvest is blessed anyway!

It's still a place to improve your Disciples to become stronger. However, it's effects are a little bit different...

One of the things we often see coming back in feedback, is that the Disciples don't do much on their own. Well, not anymore! Disciples will now perform rituals every day to improve themselves and their understanding of your will.

Once these Rituals have been completed a certain amount of time, the Disciple will develop and become stronger! The miracles you give to your disciples will increase the effectiveness of these Rituals. Every Ritual will influence another field, and you can customize your Rituals to fit your strategy better. In a madness religion who is out to end humanity you'll call to Stalk the sick, scream in panic, or dabble in the occult.

This has major implications for the gameplay. All your disciples will develop, even those who you give less attention. Increase in power is also going to be a lot more tangeable, especially in combination with our new stat rank system. It also makes for a smoother and deeper play experience.

Open Beta
We can't believe (ha ha) how far Godhood has come! We're getting really close to our goal; a deep, indirect, game about creating a religion. But we're not there yet! We will need your help just a little bit more to get Godhood to its acension!
You can help by taking part of the open beta and provide us with feedback! We're looking for feedback on the new systems, and how you perceive them. Are they understandable? Do you miss or like something about the new Tenets? Are there game breaking bugs?

To play the open beta, you can switch to via the 'Betas' tab in Godhood's properties.
It's not exactly stable yet, and you will encounter bugs, but we think you'll find it has improved considerably from the last version in terms of gameplay and theme. If you don't like change, don't try it out!
As a bonus we've made steam branches for all previous milestone versions as well, in case anyone wants to revisit the Early Access history of Godhood.

Relax and tell us all about your experience!
Let us know your opinions of the new build! We might be able to improve some more things based on your feedback. We're looking forward to it!

- Greetings from the Abbey


Hm is the Open Beta the one marked as "unstable-development - Experimental alpha" or is it not available yet?
I'm open to trying out an open beta (as I did for Newfound Shores), but not an alpha build personally. The sneak peek makes it sound like the former, but that name doesn't exactly inspire confidence. :p