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Update #6 Sneak-peek: Tenet Development!


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Salute, young gods,

In this Sneak-peak we want to show off one of our most exciting new features: Tenet Development! We had our fair share of feedback on how there is not enough Religion-making in Godhood. We agree. To support this demanding fantasy, we made some big changes to how your religion develops in Godhood.


Instead of having a tree that narrows down your path, you will now be able to create your religion much more to your liking. Whenever your community has developed far enough, you will be able to pick a Tenet.

A tenet can be about one of the three categories:
  1. Adoration: How should they adore you? This gives faith to your Disciples
  2. Social: What is acceptable social behavior? These rules will make your people happy
  3. Philosophy: What attitude towards life is righteous? This will make your city more productive (ironically)

Besides their category effect, the Tenets all have their own unique consequences for the culture of your Religion. Picking "Religious Poetry" can trigger a burst of linguistical development, boosting the fame and fortune of your next mission. But it can also boost the Charisma of one of your more poetic Disciples!

These consequences have a nice boosting (or punishing!) effect on your run. The happier your people are, the more likely you will experience the positive consequences of your religion. But let your happiness fall low by overtaxing your followers, and you might experience the downsides of your beliefs, even if that belief is just the beauty of poetry...

You can expect to play with over 40 unique tenets in the coming update, with 100+ consequences that roll out of them! yes, we went a bit overboard. What can I say, they were fun to make!


There is one other big effect of picking a Tenet: A tenet might inspire a Disciple to come with new Tradition!

If you like their idea, and you have developed your religion far enough. You'll be able to adopt that tradition.
These traditions are rare, and you'll only pick a few of them per run of Godhood. They are of big importance, however! Every tenet gives you a new way to interact with the Disciples and the followers. For example, after picking a violent tenet, you might want pick up the Tradition of Human Sacrifice!

This will allow you to perform Human Sacrifices, which will greatly boost the tributes you'll gain from Sacraments - provided you have Ancestral and Divine Disciples! Human Sacrifice makes your religion more about the glory of death for the divine. Surely the Smiteswords, Zealots and Rage Prophets would agree!
Look forward to mix and match more than 20 unique Traditions! Which combinations will help you achieve glorious Godhood?

Thanks for Reading!

As you can see, we're very excited about our next major update! If you like what you see or have ideas, let us know! The age of Early Access is slowly coming to its end, and we're making ourselves ready for ascension! If you want to see more and smaller sneak peeks or have a chat with us, please join our Discord!

Hope to see you soon!
- Greetings from the Abbey