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Update #6: Tenets and Traditions


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Young gods!

We're happy to present our sixth update: Tenets & Traditions! This is a Milestone update with massive game-changing features. We're still in Early Access, so if you find any bugs or major imbalances, please let us know!

Historic Discount

Starting today, Godhood is on sale with a historic 40% off discount! We believe that this milestone update presents a massive jump in quality for the game. With this discount we'd like to invite everyone to try out Godhood. With 'Tenets & Traditions' released, there was never a better time to play Godhood!
New Features
  • Tenets: Removed the old Development trees. You can now more freely adopt tenets that boost your whole religion and changes the behavior of your followers.
  • Traditions: Unlock Traditions through adopting Tenets. Traditions are game changers that give you new options and influence your society for generations!
  • Happiness: Replaces the Crystal Skull mechanic. Keep your people happy, and good things will happen. Make them angry, and sin will spread!
  • Consequences: Little stories will trigger in the Holy City based on your Tenets and Happiness.
  • Crowds: Sacrament crowds now react to your Disciples' actions.
  • Rituals: Disciples will perform upgradeable Rituals every day. Do a Ritual enough, and your Disciple becomes stronger. Miracles increase the effectiveness of Rituals.
  • God Actions: Burn Offerings to do specific powers in your Holy City, like granting XP, boosting a Ritual, or something Tradition related, like arranging a Holy Marriage.
  • Stat Ranking: Achieve stat thresholds with a Disciple to gain a powerful boost, giving you short term development goals.
  • Blessings: Give out small blessings to improve your favorite disciple ever turn.
  • Relic Choice: Instead of getting a random relic, you can now pick from a pool.
  • Side Bosses: Optional Bosses that give a nice reward, but are hard to convert.
  • Tribute Chests: Victory gives you Tribute Chests now, which you can influence and upgrade.
  • New Temples: A new visual for Base Temples.
  • Corruption: Disciple Power is now a strain on their faith.

New Content
  • 40+ Tenets
  • 20+ Traditions
  • 90+ Consequence Happenings
  • 30+ God Powers.
  • 10+ Challenges
  • 10+ Relics

Improvements & Balance
  • A few tutorials have been added and improved.
  • UI shows context for a lot of actions.
  • Changed how Dreams work, flow wise. You can now assign all your dreams right before Sacrament.
  • Changes some abilities of the lust priest to make some more sense.
  • Passives that increase base damage (like the Weaver and Executioner) have been toned down a bit.
  • All challenges have been adapted to the new balance
  • Classes are now cheaper to unlock, but get more expensive the more you unlock.
  • All old upgrades that targeted the whole religion have been removed in favor of standard unlocks or one of the new systems.
  • Martyrdom now gives Tribute Chests, and goes up to 2. This is to avoid very wild gambles and snowball effects.
  • Hp no longer scales of Devotion and Health. This was the main culprit of some pretty wack late game problems.

Too many! We also changed so much that we probably introduced more than we fixed! Help us with the next update by reporting any bugs you find on one of our forums!

To show off all of the juicy new game features, we'll be streaming the game!
  • Today, June 24th, at 17:00 CEST (8:00 Pacific Time)
  • Tomorrow, June 25th, at 18:00 CEST (9:00 Pacific Time)
We will stream on Twitch, Youtube and on Steam. Maybe we'll see you there?

My word, again a massive update! We'll be keeping busy with fixing anything you find, improving the UI, and adding more content to the game! We're moving full steam ahead to our 1.0 release. There, we will finally fulfill our promises: Greed, Achievements, and a big finale to the game! How will your religion influence the future?!

Please let us know what you think, if we improved the game, or how you think we can do even better! You're all also invited to join our Discord to come talk with us.

Hope you'll enjoy the update; we are very proud of it!
- Greetings from the Abbey
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