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Update #7 / Version 1.0: Godhood is now released!


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Dear young gods and goddesses,

What a journey it has been! Many of you have seen us rise from the ashes of our Early Access release. Now is finally the time to open a new chapter. First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who took a bet on our Early Access release. Without your help we could not have made this unique game! We thank you for your patronage, and hope you'll enjoy this update!

So let's get to it! What's in your juicy update download?


Major New
  • 3 new Islands added! This makes for an exciting finish of the game, where the 6th island will face you against Quetzalcoatl's chosen!
  • You can now Finish a run! Every commandment has a unique World Religion and a Truth ending!
  • Greed is now playable with the Charlatan class!
  • Added 3 Greed Traditions: Bribery, God of Thieves, and Trade Missions!
  • At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick Major Relic fitting your commandment. There are 2 relics per commandment. They give religion wide bonuses for all generations.
  • Animals are back! Cats, dogs and llamas can now be spotted throughout your city, if you adopt the appropriate tenets.
  • Achievements! Time for you to see if you can rise up to all the challenges Godhood offers!

Other New
  • You can plan your next Sacrament in the City by clicking on the Sacrament in the bottom right. The Disciple UI will remember who you assigned for your plan as a memory aid.
  • All traditions now lead to followers building a nice extra building to make your city look more unique.
  • Added 4 dedication tenets for you to adorn your city
  • Miracle stories are now random, but you can choose the permanent effect. Building temples unlock better miracle stories.
  • The Sacrament now has speed controls so it can be sped up.
  • Rituals are now upgraded by building temples. Every Temple unlocks and upgrade point for Rituals. You have full control over the upgrades.
  • A Match Log is added in The Sacrament which gives details about performed abilities.
  • Disciples in the Sacrament can be selected to inspect their stats, abilities and buffs.
  • Action hints during city gameplay.
  • Newly Improved Tutorial to be less text-heavy.
  • Easy and Medium difficulty have been revamped to, well, actually not hard. Sorry for that one.
  • Added a few extra happenings, like on "Teamwork" and "Blood Offer".
  • Option to draw disciple names from your Twitch channel chat. Watch, guide, and bring your viewers glory!
  • A small Disciple Memorial screen pops up when your disciples die.
  • You can now see which Traditions are revealed from a Tenet if you have adopted the Tenet before.
  • Added option to increase and decrease text size for tooltips and stories.

  • End turn button available when turn cannot be ended through inspiring a disciple.
  • 'Favored Class' heuristic during class choice takes into account the character's Totem better.
  • Fixed inability to rename dedications with long default names.
  • Fixed elemental advantage not being calculated correctly for smart targeting.
  • You can now more often easily access the Game Menu.
  • Performance upgrades for the City phase.
  • A bug where disciples would have too few or too many miracles available depending on Knowledge.
  • Save game naming is more robust, disallowing certain characters and preventing loading of incompatible games.
  • Fatigued effect now properly updates when updating Fervor.

  • You can now keep the Sacrament details open while performing other actions.
  • Missions are now started by a separate button, to always allow opening of trial details.
  • Temple and temple upgrades are now global upgrades instead of miracle upgrades.
  • An intercepting Disciple can never be broken due to interception - even on a crit.
  • "When picking a smart target with Knowledge, Disciples prioritize:
  • 1. Winning by conversion
  • 2. Breaking an enemy
  • 3. If killer, minimizing opponent HP. Else, maximing damage
  • Similar buffs now stack in buff icon lists.
  • The 'Manage City UI' better fronts ugrade availability.
  • You can now close the acolyte selection window to make the decision at a later point before the next Sacrament.
  • Power is now calculated differently, and much more accurate of actual power.
  • Harbinger is now a Knowledge - Health class, instead of a Charisma - Health class.
  • The totems of your first 2 acolytes can no longer be the same.
  • Revamped Class selection UI. Players can now also delay this choice.
  • Revamped 'Your Religions' overview UI.
  • Revamped End Game UI to match the game's end.

  • Changed the balance to play more with XP and scale offerings more easily.
  • Assign Elder cooldown is now 3 missions instead of 10. All other assign cooldowns are down to 8.
  • Area of Effect damage penalty is now checked after all boosts. Most area of effect abilities have gain higher scaling.
  • Holy Judge now triggers on its own the Judge's Reason abilities instead of the trialed Disciple's fear abilities. Trialed Disciple gains 2 clouded thoughts for 2 Missions.
  • Heaven's bad happening only gives -10 faith now.
  • Moved the abilities of the Cultist around a little bit:
    1. Corruption now is a strong morale ability that also scales with Might
    2. Aberrant Growth now lowers Evasion.
    3. Words of Madness now removes enemy conversions.
    4. Perfect fodder applies to all allies now. Very strong.
  • Might makes right now gives a +40 faith bonus to the strongest, and the Impose god action will give you 3 Tribute.
  • Grand Aberration can now learn the Summoning ability, and chests increased from 1/2/3 to 1/2/4
  • Human Sacrifice chests lowered from 1/3/5 to 1/2/4.
  • Carnival does now only develop 1x charisma for 3 random disciples, instead of 1x charisma and 1x cunning for all disciples.
  • Turn the other Cheek now replaces ability with devout, and scales with Devotion. + and ++ abilities are also replaced with Devout + and ++.
  • Cannibalism development up from 0.5 to 1 for Might, Health and Cunning.
  • "Doom" God Action now only gives 1 clouded thought, gives +100% Offerings for next Sacrament, and develops charisma and knowledge.
  • Boosted Philosophy Tenet gains to +25 Offerings and Materials
  • Harbinger's Demoralize now gives -8 Morale Armor.
  • The "Rally Troops" God action boosts now physical armor instead of physical damage.

Another beast of an update! Early Access has helped a lot in shaping the game, and we're lucky to have come this far. Godhood now has the features we set out to make when we started: an indirect God game where you create your own religion. It has been a rough ride as many of you know, but we managed to persevere and deliver! Thank you again for all your support during our mission!

We will keep an eye out on any big bugs that come by. In the coming month, we'll be taking a break from development, as we have been working on it almost non-stop since July 2019. After that, we'll look to include some exciting ideas from the community in a post release update!

We hope you'll have a good and interesting time shaping your Disciples and creating your own religion!
- Greetings from the Abbey
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Just completed my first campaign--I am completely on board and here for this.
I've never played an RPG where all the little story beats you incorporate into your journey have such synergy, such consequence.

I absolutely adored building my fantasy religion into a powerhouse of rhetoric. Smashing work, keep it up!



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I found the game incredible, however, this update does not come with the language option;

I am Brazilian and would like to play this new update in Portuguese, if you can please translate the game as you did in the previous updates, I would be very grateful.


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As gordon ramsey would say

"Finally some good fcking food"

But seriously im happy to been apart of this games development even if my purchase was for a patch or 2 and that i cant get enough of this game. thanks team yall did awesome.


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Thanks Ace and Poseidon!

Was quite some work, but we're also happy with the results! We might open up crowd translations Poseidon. We're looking at it!


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I am Brazilian and would like to play this new update in Portuguese, if you can please translate the game as you did in the previous updates, I would be very grateful. Regards, - mx player
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@rajputaman04 Segundo os devs, o problema com traduções é grana. Eles prometeram que iriam traduzir se tivessem vendas o suficiente, mas parece que infelizmente parece que o jogo não foi bem-sucedido o suficiente.