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Abbey Games Developer
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As you may have noticed, we've restyled the forums. We're going for a cleaner look, with updated imagery and fonts. Here are biggest changes.
  • You may now select the 'dark' or the 'light' theme. Use the light bulb in the upper right.
  • You can customize the background if you want by clicking the small 'toggle' button.
  • We've implemented a system for badges! If you have a badge, you can enable it through Your Profile > User Badges.
    • If you've backed the kickstarter, each backer tier rewards a corresponding badge.
    • If you've been on the community for a while, you'll be rewarded badges for that. We currently have a 1, 2, 5 and 10 year badge.
    • Other game/community events may award badges in the future. Do you have fun ideas for badges? Let us know!
Please bear with us while we iron out the last wrinkles. Hope you enjoy the new look-and-feel!

PS for missing badges, please see this thread!