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Weekly Update #5


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hi young gods!

Rick here, back bearing prophecies of another weekly update. Let's jump right in!

Next Week - Wed 17/04: Pink Moon Update
Remember to check in next week Wednesday for:
  • A big update brimming with changes to the newest build as we go from alpha to beta!
  • A livestream of us playing the new beta build on our very own Twitch channel!
  • Access to the Pink Moon update beta build (for backers at tiers granting alpha/beta access)!
  • On Thursday, the first Inside Godhood podcast in which I talk to project lead Adriaan about the Early Access!

Development Update: God Customization, oh my!
The monks of the Abbey took an exhausting spiritual journey climbing a small hill (a real feat for the average gamedeveloper) and at its peak we saw an (oxygen-deprived) holy vision: A horse with tentacle arms.

That's right: we knew we needed God Customization.

When you create a deity at the start of a New Game, you'll be able to mix and match body parts (all illustrated by character artist Carmen) to create your own god.

While your deity will never make a physical appearance in the game's world, we think of this as how your worshippers describe you. Like much of the game's visual themes, we were inspired by Mesoamerican deities, who were often pictured as humanoids with animal parts or other interesting (read: bizarre) features.

And not to worry: You can make deities that don't look real dumb, as well!

We don't have a ton of parts yet, so we'll leave it there: but we have a lot of ideas on fun parts for you to mix and match into your deities' look!

Light, Dark & Neutral style
Included in God Customization is the opportunity to set your god's style: Light, Dark & Neutral. This will affect the vibe of your holy temple site. Can you tell which is which?

Point-to-Point World Map
We've made big changes to Godhood's World Map. Instead of hex-based movement across the map, movement is now point-to-point. This allows for easier control over the game's flow and progression, as we can specify exactly which locations should allow access to other locations.

Also pictured: some incredibly good looking (cough) created gods!

We're still going to be doing a lot of work to the world map down the line, but this is definitely a good step towards getting it to where we want it to be!

Voice Acting!
Several Abbey Games monks jumped into sound designer Yme's improvised voice acting booth to give voices to your little worshippers in our own made up language. Don't expect voices yet in the Pink Moon beta just yet, however!

Lots of other new things, including big changes to game flow!
New and better FX for the Sacrament conflicts, ever increasing disciple customization options, new animations, new temples and holy site districts with improved worshipper activities! So much!

Next week's update will go into a big overhaul of the game's flow, such as how resources are gathered and your religion evolves. Check back then!

That's it for this week's update.
Be sure to check in next week for our gameplay stream and more on Godhood's development!
Spread the good word and remember: stay far away from that golden calf!

- Rick


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