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Weekly Update #7: New promo image & Relic mechanic


Abbey Games Developer
Abbey Games Developer
Hello young gods!

Rick here with your weekly dose of Godhood goodness! Hey, put on this scuba gear. Don't forget the goggles. Let me slip on those flippers for you.
Alright. It's time to take a dive.


What we're doing right now
We're gearing up for the next full moon update: The Flower Moon Update,which is releasing May 15th! We've been making some big decisions about progression through the world map that we'll be working on in the next 2 weeks, along with a first implementation of god actions, a new system for creating religious relics and a bunch more.


Development Update: Age of Relics
Let's look at some of the new stuff we've created in the last couple weeks!
First: we did some housecleaning on our Steam page, with new screenshots, game description, and a brand new promotional image by Marlies!

Sacrament Victory UI

We wanted to highlight the glorious victories of your disciples in the Sacrament a bit more, and for that we worked up a new UI to celebrate your victories and lament your defeats.

Your lusty disciples have seduced the heathens into worshiping you!

Your lusty disciples have seduced the heathens into worshiping you!

Ages and ending a playthrough

When you play Godhood's timed highscore mode you will pass through several ages that give you an idea how far you are into the game. The final age is the age of mythology, and when that passes your game will be over.

For now we're just using ages to give you an idea about how much time you have remaining, but we have a couple things in mind we could use ages for. Joni's thinking of changing the music each age to give it their own character.

The game can now also be finished! At the end you'll be presented with a nice (but still temporary) UI which gives you some highlights on your religion and grants you a rank based on the score you managed to achieve.

Note this UI is still in progress

Note this UI is still in progress

Religious Relics

Ah! You noticed that little tab in the end of game UI? The one called relics?
I knew I couldn't sneak that past you, all-knowing young god that you are.

Relics are a new mechanic we just introduced. Like any good religion, yours needs some storied trinkets which carry as much power as they do intricate history!

Some tribes on the world map, once converted, will grant you a relic which one of your disciples may bless. You get to decide which of your disciples will do so.
Depending on the disciples' class and skill they will create a unique relic based on the element of your disciples' class! So a Rage Prophet can bless Ancestral Relics.

Coszcatl is expressing some pent-up frustration from highschool dodgeball practice.

Coszcatl is expressing some pent-up frustration from highschool dodgeball practice.

Some relics can be equipped by disciples to increase their skills, while others can be enshrined in your temples to increase the power of the rituals performed there. Relics can be incredibly powerful and, when used well, could end up really boosting your strategies.


That's it for now! We've got a bunch more stuff in the works, so expect that in next week's weekly update!
And remember, we've got the Flower Moon Update coming May 15th! Look forward to our stream!

Catch you on the cosmic flipside, young gods, and remember to spread the good word!

- Rick
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